Sunday, May 15, 2011

So this is Boston

oh, by the way, this is my pride and joy, a 1974 ES-345 TD Stereo, what a piece of work

Well, we finally made it to Boston, actually to Pembroke where my sister-in-law lives. It's been cloudy, cold and rainy, except for yesterday, which was beautiful. I haven't seen this month green since I left Colorado and the road system here is as foreign as a tea party waiter at a Democratic fund raiser. I haven't felt that well, and I don't know why. I might be the change in climate or the hurried activity the last 3 weeks. Either way I like it. Now all I have to do is find a job and get back to work and I should be good to go. I really like this area, but we haven't decided what part we are going to live in, depending on Nancy's or my job. I am tired of not working and doing nothing but sending out nebulous resumes that I very rarely get responses on. Hopefully, I can find a job here in the metro area in a major station and not some small little no pay one. Though at this point I would take any job paying 15 or more. Oh well. Tomorrow starts a new day and hopefully I will get a call. That's all for now.