Saturday, March 31, 2007

3.30.07-' The Eagle has landed'

"One giant leap for the animal kingdom, one really, really small step and I mean small step for MOM. The Eagle has landed. Mom is Home.' Bill

That was the message I got today at 5:11 pm. Bill got Ma's and brought her home from the hospital. She is weak, and they sent an oxygen tank with her, but she was happy to be home with the 'fur kids' and well, just glad to be home. She is doing better, but obviously it's touch and go and we will have to keep an eye on her. My sister Pam and maybe my older brother Garrett are going to be showing up in the next couple of days. Pam for sure, Garrett not so. That is going to be strange as they are both so different and both are just well, nuts. I don't see them much and really, they can be a bit annoying with their attitudes about things, but I guess that is what families are about. Annoying. I tend to be real easy going and open to many things whereas they are very set in their ways about things. It will be interesting to say the least.

Other than that. I am just tired. I went to work today and I was just exhausted. I guess because I haven't really been sleeping as good lately (again) as I have been. Maybe it's just all the stuff going on. It just seems like I can't catch my breath before I am off again whether to work or taking care of something. I am hoping if I don't have to work on any of my days off, I can just hang out and get some real rest. Of course, if Pam and Garrett show up tuesday, that will be all shot to hell. I am on one hand dreading them showing up and looking forward to it. When Pam is drinking, she can be impossible and she tends to be very self-centered and somewhat self-righteous. Garrett can be self-righteous too, sometimes to the point of annoyance. But we will see.

Haven't heard anything from Justin. I wish I knew where he was but I have the feeling he's in trouble again. I try not to think about it, but I just dread getting a phone call that says he's either injured in the hospital or dead. I just hope he's safe and he just keeps out of trouble.

I can't believe it's already April. The time just flies by and I still find myself missing Buddy. Ma's said she really believes that Tessie, Molly and probably Takai think he was with her and they were confused when she got home and didn't bring Buddy with her. I am sure they don't understand. They know how special he was and how much I always paid attention to him. I am still trying to determine what to do with his ashes when I get them. I might just bury them in the back yard next to where Pressy is buried. He was never an outside cat, but he remembered Pressy and used to play with her when she was alive.

So, tonight is just another night. Guess I will turn in and get through the weekend. I still have to give Sawn her present and she has a book for me. Probably go have lunch with her on Monday. I hope her and Danny are doing ok. She said he has been just grouchy lately and I told her she needs to talk to him and figure out why. I love them both and I guess it's just a matter of adjustment for both now that Sawn isn't drinking anymore. She is such a special person. What a great friend. Well, off to bed, gotta be to work early tomorrow.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Well, It looks like she is feeling better. I went to the hospital today and saw my mom and she had improved. They still had her on oxygen, but she was sitting up and eating. And she was cracking jokes with me and laughing about stuff. I felt so much better when I left knowing she was doing better. They are treating her type 2 diabetes and Bill told her she needed to take the prednisone as the doctor wanted, and she basically said ok. I called Bill today and told him and he seemed greatly relieved. He was going to go visit her at the hospital after he got off from work, and Pepita said she was going to. I don't know when they will release her, maybe tomorrow if she is feeling better and maybe Saturday. The doctor was waiting on the radiologist to get the x-rays confirmed about the spot of pneumonia in her lung which they thought might have been food.

After all that has happened the last week or so, I am drained. I forgot to call Philip tonight and let him know how she was doing, but I got so busy at work. I was just so tired that I kind of lollygagged tonight and at one point, went into the control room during the 10pm news just to rest and hang out. I will be glad to get some sleep tonight and I am working Master tomorrow night, so I don't have to be in until 3:30 which gives me some time to sleep a little later, unless I have to go get Ma's.

I have been toying with the idea of getting a kitten. I told myself that I didn't want another cat, but I just have been thinking about looking around for another siamese/Tokinese kitty cat and getting him/her. Preferrably a him. I don't want to try and replace Buddy, but we have a long tradition in our family of always having at least one Siamese cat. And I think it would help if I got a kitten and of course, Ma's will not want it, but knowing her, the kitty would just take to her and she will end up having taken to it. I can almost see Molly, Takai and Tessie chasing it around the house and playing. I am not sure at this point if I will, but it would be nice and fun to have a little kitten around to be able to laugh at while watching it play kitty games.

I am about 3 weeks out from going back to court over the DUI thing and while I am not that concerned, I think I made peace about it already, still it does bother me knowing that it's right around the corner. I want to get the process done and get on with it so I can move forward. I need to find out when I have to spend time at the Hanoi Hilton as I am due to fly to Colorado for Megans' graduation. I don't want to miss that. I am so proud of her and all she has done. She has such a great future and she is just turned out to be a beautiful, smart, funny and wonderful daughter. Just like the rest of my girls, LOL. I haven't seen Justin lately, so I don't know what is happening with him, but I hope he is okay. He must be close by or at least I suspect he is as he got a package in the mail from Camel cigarettes. I think it's a promotional thing of smokes he probably ordered. I really fear something happening to him, but he's old enough to take responsibility for himself and he needs to find his own way and get his life straight.

I guess Shari isn't talking to me anymore. I haven't heard from her and the last time I did was after I sent the pic of Siku that I found at work. I know she's busy and I imagine she is working. I do suspect she found a boyfriend that is tying up most of her time otherwise and I don't know what is going on with the extreme makeover thing she was telling me about. I guess I won't bother her.

So, I guess that's about all tonight. If I think of anything else I might post later, I have a lot of views about politics that I would like to write on, but most people don't wanna hear that, LOL. So, off I go, see if there is anything on TV and just relax and try and get some sleep.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Poke at TV News

This is good. These guys at Jib Jab always have something funny that is topical and relevant. Enjoy! On my way up to the hospital to see Ma's.

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Well, it's been quite the day. After seeing my mom in the hospital and taking care of other things that needed to be done, I am just wanting to be alone. I don't know. I talked to my brother Bill tonight after I got home and he said that when he saw her tonight he wanted to cry, the difference he said between the time he brought her to the hospital till now was 'amazing',

"She was laughing and making jokes about going in, now she seems so worn out, what happened, Robert?".

That is not a good sign.

Bill is normally a very strong person and I understand what he is feeling, but I guess maybe it's because underneath that exterior is the Bill that I know, passionate, strong, emotional. Bill doesn't take any prisoners. Bill and my mom have a special bond. It never bothered me, I think that like with with my own children, you develop that. As I told my daughter Megan one time when she thought that I loved Melissa more than her, "all my children are like strings on my guitar, they all make different sounds, but they are just as important." Meg got that. Meg knows that I love her for who she is just as I love Sara, Justin, Melissa and Kayleigh. They are all unique people and I am very proud of them all and love them just as much.

Bill and 'Ma's' have always had that special bond, I think it goes way back to when we were kids. (Bill & Ma's on her birthday in 1983. me on the left attending to my son Justin-click to see bigger) All the turmoil of growing up with an alcoholic father that really got worse after Vietnam. And then Bill getting Diabetes, almost dying until they figured out what it was. Bill has always excelled at sports, I was always so proud of him and he was one of the best catchers I ever saw. Ma's always tried to make it to his games. Bill did very well in High School, and got a scholarship to college on Baseball. But diabetes seemed to take the heart out of his love for sports. I mean, he still loved sports, but somewhere he just seem to lose the confidence in himself to follow the path. And I think Ma's knew it and it broke her heart. And then my youngest sister Pepita got diabetes. So, now she had 2 kids dealing with it. I think that is probably the biggest reason I never really got into drugs like most people. I was watching 2 of my siblings struggling to accept and manage a disease and yet, I was watching friends of mine sticking needles in their arms to 'have a good time'. I could never figure that out.

Bill told me that me turning on Animal Planet for her before I left seemed to help distract her from the pain. And Bill doesn't take prisoners, he found out everything he could, talked to anyone he could to find out what is going on with Ma's. I really look up to Bill, and just because he's my younger brother doesn't mean anything. He is a man of tremendous courage, strength, love and compassion. And he loves our mom. He's always keen to make sure she has anything she needs. Bill is a good son and a good brother. Lord knows through all the turmoil I have gone through, he has helped me. (Ma's with 2 of her 'fur children, Mary Jo and a very young Buddy the Razor, ever the gentleman-click to see bigger)

Now we are fighting together. When we were kids, we
used to talk about joining the military like our dad and fighting together. But early on, I knew Bill was destined for sports. He has done well for himself with what he does now. And he loves golf. I often wondered had Bill and I joined the military if we wouldn't have kicked ass and took names. Now we are fighting to help our mother through a rough time. The woman that nurtured us, gave us the respect for other human beings, the compassion for those less fortunate, the love of all that is good. Sure, we're not perfect, we both are guilty of stupid things. But underneath it all, my mom made sure we always respected people, calling them 'sir' and 'ma'am'. My father was like that too, he was always sure to point out that we are all people, we all bleed red. We never knew racism until we 'left' the military. We played with kids from all ethnic backgrounds and treated them as they were, friends. My mom (the picture on the left, Bridget Philomena Walsh, 21 years old in 1952-click to see bigger) taught us to respect women, to help out those that needed it when we could, to learn and understand the world around us. To always understand that there is a God and he is not the God that so many people think of, the angry, vengeful God of the catholic school myth that we never learned about. My mom made sure we had clean clothes, new shoes and we did our homework. My mom herself taught us about strength, courage and independence. Loyalty, honesty, a sense of patriotism as she is from Newfoundland and she loves America. My mom would never tolerate disrespect and we didn't cross that line. She might be short, but she is all business and that Irish temper is not something to be crossed. But she has the biggest heart of gold and loves her children, her grandchildren and yes, her 'fur children.' Buddy's death was not easy on her. She felt so bad about not being well enough to be there when he finally died, and she was worried about me and how I was doing about Buddy dying. That's my mom. My friends all came over to my house and a lot of times, it was because Ma's would become to them, the mother they wished they had.

People often wonder I am sure, why I am so protective of her. Well, I figure after all she did for me, it's only right that I do what I can to take care of her. She might die tomorrow, she might die in 5 years, she might die in 10. Only God knows when he wants to bring her home. I pray he will bless us and let her hang around for a while longer. But that is God's decision, not mine. And so, I pray tonight that when the sun comes up tomorrow and I go to see her, that she will be doing better and that she will light up tomorrow evening when Bill comes to see her and she knows, her kids never stop fighting for what they believe in.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just some thoughts for today, Rock N Roll is a vicious game

I am working on my G3 Mac right now, and the keyboard is a bit smaller than my normal one on Victoria. Victoria is the name of my G4 computer in the war room that I usually post on, but she is busy right now going through some upgrades and will be down for about an hour. But I just felt like posting.

I am surrounded by disease and death.

I wanted to say that, though I don't know why. That thought just kept going through my head all the way back from the hospital. I just got back from seeing my mom and she isn't in any imminent danger or at least I hope, it's still scary or should I say, disturbing.

In my experience, this has the potential of going from bad to worse in her case as she is not in the greatest of health. She thought she would be out yesterday and the pneumonia has taken a turn for the worst. And the pain from her 'little leg' as she calls it, the one she amputated when she was 13, is just causing her all kinds of problems. I spoke to the doctor who administers anti-biotics and she said, you have to talk to the doctor who administers the pain medication (internal medicine). She was freezing even though her temperature was 99˚. I covered her with 3 extra blankets, which are too thin to begin with and got her a cup of tea. They didn't want her to have sugar but I said, tough, I think she's big enough to decide what she want's in her tea. They wanted to take a sample of her 'sputum' or whatever she coughs up from her lungs to determine whether it's bacterial or viral. She was shaking so bad and I don't know whether it was because she was cold or the pain, or both. Either way, seeing her laying there in the shape she is in, was not a good thing. I spent a lot of time chasing down nurses, calling one of her doctors, calling the church to see if they would send over a priest to say the rosary with her. Funny how she's always been a devout catholic all her life and I get the same old bureaucratic BS from the very church she loves. I myself have nothing against the catholic church, I still consider myself catholic, but I am more low key. I realize that they have so many other people who are sick that need attention, so forgive me for seeming a bit impatient.

I was talking with Sawn and a friend of our's last night after group and he was telling us about all the other people we knew that had gone out again. I won't list names, but it's sad to think that out of all the people I had gotten to know, there are but a few, me included, that seem to be making any headway in this thing. Drinking for me was an escape from the insomnia, depression (that makes sense, right?) and the anxiety attacks that I have been suffering from. Until they finally got the right medication going in my system, it was days of no sleep, severe depression and anxiety and that in turn led me into a desperate measure of drinking beer to just shut it all off. I don't know what to say about all our friends that have gone MIA. I feel bad for them and the thought of me falling into that trap again is frightening to say the least. I am not going to die on that hill. As I have told friends of mine and Sawn, I will call in the biggest God D***** chopper I can find if that's what it takes. I've been to hell and don't want to go back. I can't imagine what it's like for a meth head, a crack addict, a heroin user or anyone like that. Hell, I didn't drink because I liked it, I drank as a way to shut off the pain. My doctor was amazed that I have lived for so long dealing with the depression and anxiety and that I wasn't a lot worse than I was. Still, if it wasn't for the help of people like my mom, my brother, The SgtMaj, Stevie, Mikey and Jimmy, a lot of people at work and Sawn, who knows at this point where I would be. And, above all, God. When I hear people say they don't believe in God, I just say to myself, well, that's all good and well for you, but I do and I know he's real cos that's the only reason I am here right now. Trust me.

Between the death of Buddy, my friend Pete battling cancer, my mom being sick and the death of my friend Marcia's son-in-law, you would think that I would be going crazy. Well, no, maybe I am already crazy and that's why I am holding my own. But I think it's more the reliance on God to trust in him and whatever happens, believe that it's all for the best. I am making my way down this road and just dealing with life as it happens. Not much I can do about it anyway, except roll with it. I think it's just that I've learned that people will let you down and when they do, just accept it. Rock N Roll is a vicious game baby, rock n roll is a vicious game.

Must see video's about 'Ellie Mae'

I was over at Hugh Hewitt's site and found a link to a funny video.I wanted to embed here for anyone to see, but I will just have to post the link. It's pretty funny. Speaking of Hillary, I got my oldest daughter Sara a birthday card that has the 'ole battleaxe' on it. Now, if you know my daughter Sara, she is every bit a rabid conservative as I am and I hope she forgives me for it, but she will get a kick out of it none the less. So, I was looking to see if I find the code to embed the above mentioned video and I found another on YouTube which I have included below. Here is the link for that video;

Her Thighness for President 2008

I don't 'hate' anyone. I haven't got time for it, but Hillary or Ellie Mae as I call her, is a very dangerous person and given the political power that she has, she could do a lot of damage to the nation. I just find her to be pandering, power-drunk, pretentious, two-faced and well, pardon my swahilli, just a bitch.

But, just for laughs, these videos are good. And good comedy remember, involves an element of truth, that's why it is funny. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Letterman's Tribute to Bill Gates & Microsoft

This is funny. Being a 'mac head' I never pass up an opportunity to take a swipe at 'windoze' though it has gotten a little better. But it's still overbloated and full of holes as far as security. I mean, through all the versions of Mac OS that I have installed, I have never seen a disk included that has 'virus protection updates' that windoze sends with their software. Anyway, enjoy!

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In Honor of Buddy the Pirate kitty...a pirate joke

A pirate walked into a bar and the bartender said, "Hey, I haven't seen you in a while. What happened? You look terrible." "What do you mean?" said the pirate, "I feel fine."

"What about the wooden leg?" the bartender says. "You didn't have that
before." "Well, we were in a battle and I got hit with a cannon ball, but I'm fine now." says the pirate.

"Well,okay but what about that hook? What happened to your hand?" asked the bartender. "We were in another battle." replied the pirate. "I boarded a ship and got into a sword fight. My hand was cut off, but I got fitted with a hook I'm fine, really."

Then the bartender asks, "So, what about that eye patch?"
The pirate replies, "Oh, one day we were at sea and a flock of sea gulls flew over. I looked up and one of them s*** in my eye."

"You're kidding, " said the bartender, "you couldn't lose an eye just from bird s***." The pirate responds, "It was my first day with the hook."

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Arrrgggh, matey

New Claire Massey Music

Now, some of you out there know that I am a songwriter.
There is a difference between a musician and a songwriter. Often times they are one in the same, but to distinguish between the two, you have to understand. A musician is someone usually who plays a musical instrument and may or may not write. Their passion is usually to just play, live or on recordings. A songwriter is someone whose passion is to write the music. Sometimes the songwriter is not a musician, but just a songwriter. They write the music and pass it on to others to perform. An analogy is a race car driver doesn't have to be a mechanic, he may just drive the car whereas the mechanic might also be a driver, (that should be easy enough for all my trailer park friends in Fountain, Colorado to understand, right?)

I am both, but ever since I was a wee pup, I always wanted to write music. And record
it too. I love the very process of recording. Taking an idea that formed in my head and 'chasing' it till I hear it come out in some fashion on the speakers. Now, I know I put Claire Massey in the title of this post, so you may ask, "Slayur, what does Claire Massey have to do with this? and who is Claire Massey?" (that's her in the picture, she's beautiful, huh) Well, let me tell you. People ask me all the time what kind of music I listen to and I don't have an answer (hell, when they ask me what kind of music I write, I reply "the kind with notes"). I don't view music like most people view it. I have been a songwriter/musician so long that I have music in my head most of the time, notice I said MUSIC, not VOICES, ok? got it? Anyway, I will listen to something and if it catches my fancy, I will listen to it. For those of you that know me, I absolutely can not stand Hip Hop/Rap or whatever the hell they call it. And I also can't stomach much country. Rap doesn't really require a lot of talent and it doesn't hold to the wonderful traditions of Black music in America much like the old Rhythm & Blues and the Motown sound. Hell, anyone can do Rap, it takes no talent. I still am of the belief that they should try combining Rap with Country and calling it "CRAP". I also, believe it or not, have a hard time stomaching 'Buzzsaw' rock. You know, the Low E string tuned down to D, the lead vocalist wailing like he is pleading with the devil to get out of hell or one of Al Gore's Global Warming lectures. The guitars so overdriven and the tempo moving faster than Hillary Clinton from a lie detector test or grand jury inquiry, but that's for another time. Just no dynamics in that stuff, it's all turned up to '11'.

Claire Massey came to my attention some years ago when she and her sister Cathy fronted the band "The Tami Show". They had a hit in the top 30 I think, called "The Truth". I always liked that song and when I heard the album "Wanderlust", I liked the album. I found Claire and asked her to send me a copy of "the Truth" and found out she had released a solo album (obviously The Tami Show had disbanded at this point) and she sent me "Suncat Muse." She autographed both for me and then I found a copy of "Wanderlust" so I bought it. I consider "Suncat Muse" to be one of my favorite albums, if you will, of late. I love listening to it and I don't usually listen to anything other than talk radio in my motorcar, I will pull out "Suncat Muse" and listen to it. It is good music.
Claire and I stay in touch as she knows I am a big fan so she sent me an email to let me know that she is now releasing a new 3 song EP at the end of March. I am going to get it and look forward to getting a new album when and if she releases it. She has a great voice and can write some great music. Claire is a songwriter. She has a great band behind her and she just can rock. I am adding 2 songs here for you to listen to. One is "The Truth" which I really love to listen to and the other is my favorite from "Suncat Muse" called, "Don't take my family." If you are looking for some new music that is well written and recorded and not gonna make you crazy after the 2nd cut, I would recommend getting hold of some Claire Massey. I have a link to her website where you can go and check her out. And besides that, she's always been a babe and still is, LOL.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

My Friend Stevie & MS

I have a good friend named Steve. Steve or Stevie as I call him have known each other around 5 years or so I think. We became friends after he started working at Fort KPNX and rapidly proved himself to be a premier operator and 'vidiot'. Stevie is good at what he does, I have a lot of respect for him and when all hell breaks loose, if Stevie is there, we can solve the crisis pretty easily as he is the consummate professional that knows when we are in the heat of battle, what to do, hence that's why he has the title of 'vidiot'. There are very few vidiots and we have a core group of them at work, Stevie is one of them. That is him and his cat Sandy in the picture.

Stevie also has Multiple Sclerosis. He has had it now I think about 4 years or 5 years. It was shortly after 9.11 that he got sick and was out for awhile. Then to find out the diagnosis was MS. Now, Stevie can be intense, he is from Detroit or thereabouts, Michigan anyway, so ever being the typical Midwesterner, he talks fast when he gets excited. I have a pet name for him, I call him the "motor city madman" because sometimes when he is on a roll, he can go crazy, LOL. But I know that working with him, he is one of the finest and most dedicated operators I have ever had the privilege to work with. I admire and respect him and he has a great sense of humor.

He has been in and out of doctors, therapists and God knows whom else seeking help and doing battle with the insurance company to get them to pay for necessary treatment and medications. Stevie has taken what has been handed to him in stride. He has also immersed himself in the local chapter (and the National Chapter as well) for the Multiple Sclerosis society, that is dedicated to finding a cure for this disease, which like HIV in many ways, attacks the immune system. He has volunteered to go out and do fundraising for the MS chapter and tells me about the latest happenings and ideas he has to help out. Stevie doesn't get a lot of press even though he works in the media. He doesn't have the celebrity star power of say a Michael J Fox to bring more awareness to such a devastating disease. But Stevie is doing what he can. And I have posted links for anyone reading, that wants to help out for a good cause, to donate. If you want to, you can click the link here or go over to my links and click on the "my friend Steves MS page" and go to the site and donate and read more about what average, ordinary people like Stevie, have to deal with everyday. While you are at it, go to the AZ chapter for Multiple Sclerosis and learn a little about the disease, you would be surprised.

And if you ever happen to meet Stevie in person, you will find that he is certainly not average or ordinary, he has quite the character and charisma and strength and a huge heart. Please help out Stevie and all the others out there that want so much to find a cure and help others live.

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Speaking of Gone with the the Wind

I ran across this story today out of the UK. Ah, those wacky Brits. I am sure that there is some story here in the US that is similar, but this is funny. And the picture of this guy is almost predictable. Almost like you know what the perp on Cops looks like before you watch the show. This is the first time I have heard of someone being barred from a pub for farting, LOL. And he does resemble good old Marty Feldman (God rest his soul) somewhat. Wonder if they are related?

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A PUB regular has been barred from his favourite Dunfermline boozer – for indiscriminate wind breaking.

Management at the bar say Stewart Laidlaw “revels” in his bouts of flatulence and other punters have almost been sick after exposure to the foul smells.

Mr Laidlaw (35), who is furious at the ban by Thirsty Kirsty’s, is thought to be the first person in West Fife to be barred for breaking wind.

The James Street pub’s owner says the stench has become unbearable since Scotland’s smoking ban came in last year but suspects drinkers could have been breathing in the waft for years before without noticing it.

Former Woodmill High School pupil Mr Laidlaw, who lives in Edinburgh, admits he may have broken wind in the pub in the past but claims the ban by landlord John Thow is “petty”.

The Harvey Nichols stock assistant told the Press, “I went in and basically he turned round and said, ‘Stewart, that’s the last fart you do in this pub. Get out.’

“I didn’t even have a chance to draw breath. I just walked in and that’s all he said to me. I don’t know if he meant I’d done it before or just then. He didn’t let me ask.

“What I remember when I walked in was there was a guy playing pool and it was already stinking and everyone was laughing. It could have been anyone.

“I’ve probably done it in the past – when you’re drinking and having a laugh you don’t think about it – but that’s not the point. I must be the first person in Dunfermline to get banned from a pub for passing wind.

“I’m really angry about the way I’ve been treated. He’s making a mountain out of a mole hill.”

Touch-born Mr Laidlaw, who is registered disabled due to sight problems, partial paralysis and epilepsy, has been drinking in the pub for around seven years and often pops in after visiting his parents in Cowdenbeath.

And he says bad smells are nothing compared to the choking fumes in pubs before the smoking ban came in.

He added, “I use my old phrase, ‘This is revenge for you smokers’. I used to hate going into pubs when it was stinking of smoke.”

But Thirsty Kirsty’s owner Mr Thow hit back, saying the long-term flatulence was beyond a joke.

He said, “It is just disgusting. He revels in this and does it all the time and it’s absolutely foul, it would make you sick.

“Since the smoking ban he’s made a career out of this. He has been warned and asked politely to stop it on many occasions.

“We are a bus station pub and trying to keep new custom. The final straw was when an old gentleman came in and had his gin and tonic and the old guy was almost sick.

“Other people have dropped handbags, shall we say. But when everybody’s choking and I come out with the spray and say don’t do it again, they will appreciate that and stop it.

“His defence is, ‘It wasn’t all this when I had to put up with the smoking’. Everybody can pass wind but when you make a hobby of it it is going too far.

“He will clear the pub out usually and he thinks it is very funny. I don’t have to give him a reason for not serving him but I did, maybe thinking he would learn his lesson. But if he can’t see the error of his ways it’s a lost cause.

“I don’t want him back. I don’t need that behaviour. It has been detected for about a year [since the smoking ban], but it might have been going on for a lot longer than that.

“If we have to apologise to other customers for him, then that’s too much.”

Fife Licence Trade Association secretary John Barclay said, “The landlord always has the right to refuse someone and if he feels he has to use that, that’s his prerogative.

“You can’t just have one guy sitting there farting his day away and nobody else coming in.

“If this guy keeps coming and upsetting customers you have to address that.

“The smoking ban has raised a lot of issues. Some people are arriving in premises with serious cases of BO and you have to deal with that.

“Some landlords have said they have had to talk with people and say, ‘Look, you’re going to have to have a shower.”


I have never really been a big movie fan. I mean there are movies that I like and I will watch anything, well, almost anything except "reality shows" (they're not) and a lot of the current fare that the networks have on. But I don't have a collection of DVD's and VHS movies. I don't rush out to watch new movies. I rather prefer to watch the History Channel, Discovery Science, Fox News Channel, The Military Channel, Adult Swim, etc. But I have been really getting into a new channel on satellite called "Chiller". It is a horror genre channel and they show some great old horror films. Today while I was getting ready for work, I had "Frankenstein 1970" on, it was made in 1958 and starred Boris Karloff. It was great. And while I have been sitting here, I am watching "Monster on the campus", LOL. Talk about maximum cheesy-ness! I think perhaps though my favorite is, they show the old "Alfred Hitchcock presents" shows and "Night Gallery" which I remember watching years ago . If you have Direct TV or maybe Dish, you can find it on channel 257 on DirectTV. I don't think Cox cable here in phoenix has it, too bad. It is just great. They ran an Alfred Hitchcock presents marathon last night and it was great. I was up till the wee hours of the morning eating nutter butter and watching. Sometimes TV does have some good things to offer other than stupid game & reality shows or crap like desperate housewives, American Idol or Grease. I would rather watch films made 30 years ago (I am a sucker for black & white anyway) than watch the current tripe that hollywood and the networks churn out.

3.25.07 & My Little Pony

I talked to my mom this morning. She is feeling better than she has been feeling. They said she has pleurisy and a bladder infection and have her on antibiotics. No word yet on when she will be released. I have a feeling it probably won't be until at least tuesday. I have been just tooling around the house this morning and doing housework, laundry and watching TV, well, I have the TV on and am watching all the hoopla going on with Iran and the British sailors that the Iranians have detained.

I was on my way to work today and saw this purple shape in the middle of the road. I knew right away what it was. So, I stopped and picked it up. On my way home tonight, I left a note at the Circle K with the Clerk saying, "Found, a special Purple & Green animal that's looking for it's owner, if it's yours, leave your phone number and I will call." I remember this from way back when Missy was a little girl. Even now, she loves my little ponies. I have a tape here that I will upload later of Missy & Megan singing in my studio of "My little pony and Friends." Missy just adored them and she would have gone totally nuts had she lost her pony. Ah, the memories.

I realized that I have been working at Fort KPNX for 7 years now. My anniversay was the 15th of March and I didn't realize it until I opened a card from John Misner, the GM at the station. 7 years at the station, wow. Where does the time go? It's weird to think that Decker hired me and now he is gone. I really miss 'Dad'. It seems so long ago that he died, almost another lifetime. There have been so many changes at the station and now it's getting challenging again. Since we have gone HD, I am wandering into new territory and it's almost exciting again. I was talking to one of the reporters the other day and he asked me what I did at the station, LOL. Funny, he didn't know. I told him what I did and related some of my experience and I started thinking about all the different things I have done in TV. It's amazing to think that other than on-air, I have done most every job in TV there is to be done. I really want to get back into 'TD'-ing. That's the only thing in operations at the station I haven't done. I would also like to try directing. I am a good director as I don't freak out easy and I can 'dance'.

Anyway, the house is so much lonelier without the razor around. The other kitties, Molly especially, don't understand why Buddy isn't here. How do you tell 2 kitty cats, Molly & Takai and a chow, Tessie, that Buddy died. Molly has been wandering around here following me meowing. I know she's asking where Buddy is. They were great friends and Takai really loved Buddy too. He doesn't know what happened. Even now I miss him so much. I keep looking for him to come out and flop over to play big bad foot. There will never be another one like Buddy.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

NBC Nightly News Goes HD



NEW YORK -- March 20, 2007 -- NBC News will be the first news organization to offer its network evening newscast, "NBC Nightly News" in High Definition (HD) beginning on March 26, 2007, "Nightly News" executive producer Alexandra Wallace announced today. In addition, NBC News Special Reports, including breaking news and political coverage will also be offered in Hi-Def.

In making the announcement Wallace said, "This is a natural step in the evolution of our broadcast and we are delighted to offer this advance in technology to our viewers."By broadcasting "Nightly News," "Today," Special Reports and political coverage in HD, NBC News is making a significant investment in the future.

While the current "Nightly News" studio and set are HD-ready, new studio cameras, updated HD graphics and 5.1 surround sound will be added. "Nightly News" will also broadcast from NBC News' state-of-the-art control room 1A, which was recently redesigned and will continue to broadcast "Today."HD viewers will see "Nightly News" in a fully detailed 1080i picture in 16:9 ratio (widescreen), while field reports will continue in 4:3 ratio with wings, for now. NBC News expects to begin using HD gear in the field later this year. However, reporting from the White House lawn will be available in widescreen HD on March 26.

Standard Definition (SDTV) viewers will have a 4:3 picture as they do now, albeit with noticeably improved clarity and quality.Said Brett Holey, director, "NBC Nightly News," "We're proud to lead the way into HD for breaking-news programs. It is part of our forward-looking strategy to make 'Nightly News' and Brian Williams available to viewers of all technologies and on any platform."

"NBC Nightly News" broke new ground (my note; or wind as far as I am concerned) with Brian Williams' "Daily Nightly" blog and his video blog "Early Nightly" on, as well as the program's streaming video "Nightly News Netcast" ( and free audio and video podcasts.


I haven't really felt much like posting the last couple of days. With the loss of Buddy, I have been in a state of shock. I still can't believe he's gone and it's really hard to accept the fact that I won't see him anymore. I got a call yesterday morning (Friday) from Dr. Johnson saying she thought she should euthanize him as his core temperature was dropping and he had turned yellow from jaundice. I wanted to tell her to try and keep him alive, but I realized that it would have not been the best thing for him. So, I got ready to go to see him and wanted to hold him one more time as she administered the shot. But I was on the road and sitting at a light when she called and said he had died. I just turned around and went home and sat in the war room. I went to work later and my mind kept going back to memories of Buddy. Even now, I have moments where the emotions well up and then they fade. It's just so hard to imagine that we won't be playing big bad foot anymore.

Now my mom is in the hospital with pneumonia. She took Buddy's death pretty hard as she loved him as much if not more than I did. She did her best to help him. I realized tonight on the way home from work that he had been sick for awhile. She had to be taken to the hospital by paramedics today and that makes 3 times in less than 2 weeks that they have been here. She is not doing well and I know Buddy dying has hit her pretty hard. She is constantly in pain anymore and she is supposed to have surgery done on her amputated leg to try and help. But she is also supposed to have surgery done on her spine, which could end up killing her if not paralyzing her. She is already almost totally immobile and her body is just giving out little by little. So, I am surrounded by a lot of stuff going on. I think I am handling it okay, but sometimes I think I must be going crazy.

I haven't really felt much like talking to anyone. Even my friends at work, I just try to say what I have to say. I just don't really know what to say anyway. I just find myself wanting to be alone with my own thoughts and try and reconcile what I am feeling. It's times like this that I feel so alone. I have never really been that much of an emotional person, so it's hard for me to express any kind of feeling about what is going on. I think the only time I get really emotional is when I have been drinking, LOL. I just realize that this is life and there is nothing I can do about it, though sometimes, I do feel like walking outside and shaking my fist at the sky and yelling "stop". But, oh well, that won't change anything and there is no sense in increasing my frustration by doing so. I think I will just eat something tonight and go to bed early and then get up and go over to the hospital and see my mom. I hope she is okay. I miss you Razor, this is one time I wish we could play 'big bad foot'. I just hope that you're playing in kitty heaven, cos whomever is in charge there is gonna love you and they are going to need some thick socks.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Buddy Update & the day in General

Well, been a busy day today. I got up this morning after working late last night and went to Barney Verdugo's funeral. I saw my friend Marcia and she is doing ok, but ok as far as can be expected. The death of someone close to you, especially in the way Barney died, is rough. There was quite a good turnout and he had a large group of friends and family. That was cool to see. I haven't heard anything about whether they have closed in on the shooter, though we ran an update last night to the effect that they knew the shooters girlfriend and were questioning or looking for her.

And, I saw the Razor today. I went over to see if I could take him home. Nope, but good news and bad news. The good news is, the tests for cancer came back negative. The bad news is, he is suffering from fatty liver and Dr Johnson had to remove some growths from it. They are treating him with antibiotics and using a feeding tube to feed him and give him water, so he's basically in kitty ICU. He wasn't sure when the office assistant was bringing him into the room what was going on, but as soon as he saw me and heard my voice, he perked right up. His eyes just opened up and he meowed at me. I started talking to him and I could tell he was really weak, but he started purring when I talked to him and called him "meowsir". I could tell he was happy I was there and he just stretched out, he has this weird way of laying on his stomach and extending his back legs all the way behind him and then he puts his head on his front paws almost like a dog. I have never seen a cat do that, especially the back legs. That, I think comes from when he had the ligament surgery as I had never seen him do that before when he was a kitten and only after his surgery healed. Why that is so interesting to me is, that my son, my sister, my mom have all commented that the only time he lays like that is when I am right there with him. He sometimes would come into the den and while I was watching TV, he would lay down like that until something or someone disturbed him, but only when he was with me in the room will he do that, so it was interesting that he did that today, with Dr Johnson in the room. I think it's a sign that he's relaxed with me there. Anyway, he just purred as I talked to him and I wanted to see how lucid he was so I started doing the "I see the tail, Buddy, I see the tail" then slowly, the tail was moving, and then the tip curled into his "question mark" that he always does when I say that to him. He meowed a couple times at me, in his "old man" voice, low and almost growly, I don't know where he gets that, his normal voice is a soft almost lilty meow. He's never been much of a talker, except when he's in a car and then he won't shut up, LOL. That's typical for a siamese or maybe a cat in general. He talked more when he was younger, but got quieter as he got older. I also said to him. "Big purr, Buddy, big purr" and then the motor came on for a second, but I think it requires a lot of strength for cats to purr like that, cos he quieted down pretty quick with a soft purr. The Big Purr is really loud and almost sounds like a muffled chain saw or snoring, LOL.

Then, as I was talking to Dr Johnson, I was talking about his early years and happened to say to her "Big Bad Foot" explaining his favorite game. And I swear to God, Dr Johnson saw this too, his eyes opened very wide, he looked at me and he stood up, as if to try and flop over on his back. She said, "whoa, Buddy, where are you going?" and I had to grab him as he has stitches in his stomach and I could tell, he was so weak that he wobbled, almost falling off the table. But he knew exactly what I said, he wanted to play "Big Bad Foot". Anyway, We talked about his prognosis and it is iffy, but at least it's not cancer. Dr Johnson had to get on with her job and I had to get to work, so she picked him up with the blanket they brought in and she started to carry him out. His eyes got real big and he turned toward me and started meowing really loud, almost like he wanted me to get him and take him home. I told him, "Son, you have to get better and then I can take you home." He looked at me and I could see the look in his eyes that he was scared, but he was happy to see me. I think he understood, no, I know he did. Buddy understands what I say to him. As I drove to work today, I felt good and scared at the same time. He doesn't look good, he's weak and it hurts me to see him that way, but I know, he's a fighter, always has been, always will be. If he can make it through this, he will live a long kitty life and that's fine with me. Still, I just keep praying, all I want for right now is to be able to bring my "Buddy the Razor" home and have him get back to being himself. Goodnight, Razor, I've said a prayer for you.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Buddy Update 3.21.07

Well, I did get kind of an update on my boy. Dr. Johnson said that she didn't find any kind of abnormality in his bowel, so that's out. She said she did notice that his lymph nodes were swollen which is not good. She also said the last series of tests that she did on him didn't indicate either Feline leukemia or Feline HIV, so I am thinking that the only thing is, it's cancer. I hope not and she says she isn't sure. She did a few tests on him and sent them out for analysis. As her office is closed today, I will find out tomorrow late morning or early afternoon. That will be great as I will be at the funeral for Barney Verdugo, the son-in-law of my friend and counselor, Marcia.

Dr. Johnson says it really at this point could be anything and not to jump to conclusions that it is cancer. It could be a thyroid problem or any number of things. She said he has been very brave enduring all the stuff he had to endure while in her care. That's Buddy. He is so skittish at times, but he is a very strong and determined guy. She said that he made a little improvement after getting hydrated and that he aced the whole issue with the anaesthesia. So, I am waiting to find out and will probably have to go get him tomorrow and bring him home. The other animals have just been freaking out since he isn't here, they keep looking for him and just acting strange. They know something is amiss. I just hope he makes it. I will post again about him when I have more information.

Have you heard that new Country Joe & the Fish song?

'Come on all of you big strong men
Uncle Sam needs your help again
he's got himself in a terrible jam
way down yonder in Viet Nam so
put down your books and pick up a gun we're
gonna have a whole lotta fun'-
Country Joe & the Fish, "Fixin' to die rag'

Feel like I'm fixin to die rag.mp3

I can't believe that I am seeing this all over again.
How long ago was it? 40 years ago? I was a kid, my father was in the military (shortly to leave for Vietnam himself) the Beatles were still together and the memory of JFK being killed was still fresh. MLK and Bobby Kennedy were still alive, Johnson was the president and we hadn't even got to the moon yet. We were still living in Okinawa, getting ready to come back stateside to California. I didn't even know where Colorado was at the time, Alabama was still home to me...hell, I didn't even play guitar at the time

And it's one, two, three, what are we fighting for
don't ask me I don't give a damn, next stop is Viet Nam
And it's five, six, seven, open up the pearly gates
ain't no time to wonder why, whoopee we're all gonna die...

So, 40 years later, it is happening again. It's almost like the protests that happened during the Vietnam war. Now, these people probably have no clue what really happened in Vietnam. They have been infected by the George Soros, MoveOn.Borg and liberal left wackos that would sell out their own people. They probably don't know that it was the democrats in the '70's that caused the slaughter and mass exodus of millions of people in Southeast Asia after they 'defunded' the very war they got us into, Vietnam. Then they stopped sending aid to the South Vietnamese. Then they were at the airports and bus terminals, spitting on the troops (including my dad) that came back after doing what their government asked and that's the thanks they got. It took Nixon to get us out and I was not satisfied with the way he did it, but he did it just the same. Sure, stop the war.

Come on generals, let's move fast
your big chance has come at last
now you can go out and get those reds
cos the only good commie is the one that's dead and
you know that peace can only be won when we've
blown 'em all to kingdom come...

Here are the losers out there that are venting their 'rage' against the war in Iraq by burning a soldier in effigy. Now, look closely at the guys holding and burning the flag, notice they have ski masks on. Tell that they are really brave. Notice the girl in the crowd, it almost looks like she is doing the Nazi fascist salute, I hope not, (it's actually a camera). Notice the sign? 'End Israeli Apartheid'. Huh, these people are well informed and this whole 'protest' will make Al Jazeera, Al-AP, Al-NBC, Al-CBS, Al-ABC and Al-CNN, et al, ad naseum. Chances are when I am at work tonight, good ole Brian Williams will run it on the 'NBC Nightly News' as some kind of barometer of the mood of the country. That's how those bastards, yes, bastards, spin this stuff.

Come on wall street don't be slow
why man this war is a go-go
there's plenty good money to be made by
supplying the army with the tools of its trade
let's hope and pray that if they drop the bomb,
they drop it on the Viet Cong...

It never occurred to them that soldiers don't make the decision on their own to go fight, they are sent by the government. And, if it wasn't for those soldiers, these pukes wouldn't be able to do what they are doing to begin with. Jeez, what a bunch of pinheads. Yes, these people are brave and they represent the finest that America has to offer. How much you wanna bet this picture and many others, make it over to Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran and are used as propaganda tools for the terrorists. Losers, dopes, punks, wastes of human skin.

Come on mothers throughout the land
pack your boys off to Viet Nam
come on fathers don't hesitate
send your sons off before it's too late
and you can be the first ones on your block
to have your boy come home in a box

Sure, stop the war, bring the troops home from Iraq & Afghanistan, sure, make all the lives of our military that have died just a waste. Tell that to their families. Tell their families that these soldiers were nothing but war mongers. Tell the families that the 25 million people who have been liberated in both countries are better off under their former regimes and that we just screwed their country up even more. What a bunch of of morons! If not for the guys in the DCU's and M-16s, these punks would be doing nothing as their heads would probably be laying on top of their bodies after they had been decapitated. I think there is that old saying that, "It wasn't the writer that gave us freedom, it was the soldier" or something like that...

And it's one, two, three, what are we fighting for
don't ask me I don't give a damn, next stop is Viet Nam
And it's five, six, seven, open up the pearly gates
ain't no time to wonder why, whoopee we're all gonna die...

God Bless the United States Military and their families,

I knew it was only a matter of time...Now a reality show about a news anchor

I knew it was going to happen, it was only a matter of time. This Reality show stuff has just gotten completely out of hand anymore.

News Station In Tyler Subject Of Reality Show
Business Editor

Tyler citizens and their community could be part of a national television reality show as early as this summer, showcasing a Tyler television news department and the coverage of daily events.

On Tuesday, Phil Hurley, president and general manager of KYTX "CBS 19," told the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce board the Fox network had ordered six episodes of the comedy, "Anchorwoman," to be shot at the CBS 19 studios.

The show is 100 percent reality, Hurley and producer Brian Gadinsky said. Gadinsky, owner and president of The G Group in Hollywood and the first "American Idol" producer, is under contract to produce the six episodes.

Cameras will follow model and actress Lauren Jones through the ropes of learning what it takes to cut it in the small- to mid-size town television news business.

"Anchorwoman" will not have a cast; the other "characters" will be CBS 19 personnel and people in Tyler and East Texas.

"Out of about 100 television stations, CBS 19 was selected as the site and the backdrop of the series," Hurley said.

Ms. Jones will be a CBS 19 employee and perhaps start as a producer and work her way up to the anchor chair, he said. She will be required to follow the station's path of advancement to each level.

That includes producing, reporting and using a news camera, Hurley said.

Also, members of the station's news team appearing on the show will be monetarily compensated, he said.

Hurley told the chamber board that each episode of "Anchor-woman" has a $600,000 budget.

"Multiply that by six. He's going to be doing some business with you folks in Tyler, Texas, and all of East Texas," he said. "They're going to be bringing quite a bit of money here, and it's going to be spent in the community."

Gadinsky said the crew will need cars, food, lodging and other necessities while in Tyler.

"Also, there is going to be opportunities for your business to be included in the show, at your choice, of course," he said.

Last year, footage with a different actress, Hurley and some of the station's news team was posted on YouTube. Some who saw the footage said they found it unflattering to Tyler.

Hurley said the footage was a "spec tape," not a pilot, and it was posted on the public site "by my competitors." He said Gadinsky ordered the video removed from YouTube and it was.

Gadinsky's company produced the footage, but CBS 19 deemed it unacceptable and turned it down, Hurley said.

Since then, he said, Fox has assured the station "the show will do nothing to embarrass the station or embarrass the city."

Gadinsky said he loves Tyler, and Tuesday was about the fifth time he has visited the city. He said although he lives in Los Angeles, he does not believe he fits the Hollywood stereotype.

If somebody wants to say anything about the show, "the buck stops with me; you're not going to be dealing with a big, disembodied network," Gadinsky said. "If you have a request or an issue, you can deal directly with me."

A Jackson, Miss., native, Ms. Jones has appeared on the soap opera "Guiding Light," and was cast as one of the new Barker's Beauties on "The Price is Right." She will also appear in "Spiderman 3."

She is a magazine cover model and bikini model and was a World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler and "Smackdown diva."

"She's a wonderful human being and she's got that star quality; she's got that charisma," Gadinsky said. "I think you all will love her."

Gadinsky said he grew up working in local news, and the zaniness found in a local TV news station helped make that period the best in his career.

"I thought what a great idea it would be to take a station in a middle to smaller market and bring in an anchorwoman who has no experience, who wants to be a star," he said. "There's this whole fish-out-of-water tale to be told."

Elements could include how Ms. Jones reacts to Tyler and how people react to her, how the newsroom is affected by somebody who means well but has no experience, Gadinsky said. Another element could be what Ms. Jones' social and community life is like when she is in Tyler.

Shooting should begin in May. Hurley said he has heard the process would probably take about six weeks.

Gadinsky said Fox has not committed to an air date, but it is likely the shows will air mid- to late summer or in January.

The show will be shot by a separate crew, not the CBS 19 crew, Hurley said. Because it will be a Fox show, all signs and references to the station being a CBS affiliate will be removed for the shooting.

And one more thing, a WARNING-please read

If you are reading this, it might be a good idea for you to read the following flier that I received from my friend, Philip. Now, I, in all the years I have been alive on this earth, have never done meth, in fact, I was a failure (or a success depending on how you look at it) as far as drugs. I just didn't get into them, a guinness stout was always my gig. But I know people (including my son, who got help thank God) that have been involved with it and I have never seen anything more destructive than meth. It is astounding to see what it can do to a person and I have run across many a poor soul that has suffered at the mercy of this drug. I am quite sure it has probably made it's way to Arizona all points in between. I am going to include this flier from the Dept of Public Safety in Nevada for you to see. Click on the Flier to read the information.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A new project I have in mind (like I really have any time for more)

So, anyway, I being your humble, professional 'vidiot', executing my assigned broadcast duties, flawlessly, well, most of the time anyway. I am thinking of starting a message board for Phoenix TV & Radio media. Now, I have been mulling this over for awhile and I've searched for something here in the market, but I haven't found anything yet as in a message board for us TV folk. I would have all the stations, radio & tv included so 'Vidiots' (for my trailer park friends in Fountain, Colorado, that's a TV term combining 'Video', that stuff you see on your tv when you are drinking your Milwaukee's best and watching 'American Idol' or your local favorite, 'Cops' and 'idiot' for, well, I think you probably have a good grasp on that, cos that's why you live in Fountain, Colorado. Don't get upset though, we have own our version, Apache Junction/East Mesa). The definition of a 'vidiot' is anyone who works in TV production and a 'radiot' is someone that works in radio.

Phoenix is rapidly becoming a huge TV market and we have one of the biggest DMA's (that's TV code for "Designated Market Area", or the way they measure the size of a market) in the state for radio, and yeah, I guess TV too. News out of Tucson is that our sister affiliate, KVOA NBC 4, is now going Hi-Def. That means both NBC affiliates in the major markets in Arizona are going to be hi-def.

Now, I am not completely sure if I can do it. I mean, technically I can. I have the space, the template and all the other components, but that will be a big thing to manage along with my blog site. And I might call it TV never sleeps in Phoenix or something. But we have so many media outlets here and many of the people that work at KPNX have worked at other stations or people at other stations have worked at KPNX. We are really a pretty exclusive group (kind of like soliders or police or what have you) and we have our own lingo, English. But, I just think that would be a way for all us 'vidiots' and 'radiots' to talk about our stations and other things. Now, I won't allow flaming of course and would hope that people would watch their language and not use foul words, but hey, we use them all the time when the transmitter crashes, or the Live truck generator won't start, or the damned reporter is too busy putting on their auto body putty in the truck and isn't ready for the live shot. I will see and and will have to talk to my friends and see if we can do that. I will let you know should you be interested. Oh, and by the way, for some fun, click on the link for a unique TV promo example done by our very own Charlie Van Dyke who does our voice overs. This is a perfect example of how TV hypes itself, even though this clip is in jest. But really, we (promotions I mean) in TV tend to overdramatize stories in order to 'tease' the viewer and well, this is just funny anyway;


Haven't heard anything on Buddy, hopefully tomorrow. I am still saying my 'trench prayers' that he is going to be okay. Anyway, gots to work tomorrow so I am going to bed early tonight in order to get up and take care of some business (thank ya, thank ya very much) before I go.