Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wednesday Night; Laundry, Chili Cheese Nachos & Kestral asleep in her swing...

Before anybody freaks out, that is my granddaughter Kestral Ann asleep in her swing, ok? got it? good. What a doll. It seems like a lifetime ago that I remember her mom in her swing doing the same thing...If there is any reason why abortion should be outlawed, that picture says it all. I can't imagine anyone ever hurting such a precious thing.

So I am sitting here at 12:30 at night. I just got home from a busy day. Went and saw a couple of friends that are working on a new album as I was asked to play bass for them and then asked if I wanted to play guitar. Sure, I said. I think it would be a great thing for me to get back into playing with other people and these guys write music, which is cool. They are using a guy's studio that has a nice rig with pro tools and it's OK. The music is not really like what I write, but it's good just the same. I am looking forward to working with them, even if it's just doing the bass and rhythm tracks. I really like guys as they are really good musicians and just great people. The name of the band is the Dave Green Band, and the only stipulation I have, is that I do contribute to the album, I use Bobslayur for my credit, LOL.

Been kind of a lonely night though, even though I was surrounded by people all night. There are some nights, like tonight that I wish I did have someone to come home to and share things with. Maybe my friend Son (that's pronounced "SAWN" for all you trailer park people in Fountain, Colorado) is right, maybe I need a girlfriend, LOL. I don't feel sad, though, I think I have been pre-occupied with the upcoming court case. I might have had some good news tonight as far as staying at the "Hanoi Hilton" though I am not going to get into detail. Either way, I have no choice to accept what will happen and just roll with it.

Anyway, I am doing laundry and some light housework and listening to Roy Masters, actually his son Dave is subbing for him tonight and I am really starting to like Dave too. I love Roy Masters. I wish more people could listen to him as he is so good and makes so much sense. People could really learn a lot from listening to him (or David). I have listened to Roy Masters (Advice Line) for about 6 or 7 years now and there is a lot of wisdom coming from that show. One of these days (I have a bad habit of always saying that) I will write a piece about Roy for those of you that read this.

I had some disturbing news today though. My friend Jeff is angry with me over something I don't understand. But I havent' been able to get hold of him to talk to him about it. I and other mutual friends, are afraid he's gone back out again and well, that's just sad. Jeff is a great guy. I will have to keep trying to see if I can get hold of him and get this issue straightened out. I really like the guy, but this is his first go around with the program and I know it can be hard.

So, my friends, (I pretty much figure I am the only one reading this, so what the hell) I am going to finish the laundry, eat my nachos and listen to the last half hour of "Advice Line" and then watch some military channel before I go to bed.


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