Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday Night on the Bridge...

Well, it's Friday night and I ended up working in Master Control also known as "the bridge" here. I didn't mind, I executed my assigned broadcast duties flawlessly, zero mistakes. I like doing Master as it allows me to keep a good overview of what all is going on. I got quite a bit done tonight for the weekend.

It was an okay day today, I got enough sleep last night, so I wasn't groggy. Sawn & Danny left for San Diego today for their vacation. It's supposed to be a 2nd honeymoon, which is great. They both needed to get some time away from things. Their friends, Becca & Justin and Adrienne & Oren went too. They all took their bikes and are going to do some serious riding around SoCal. I just hope they are careful.

As far as I know, they haven't caught the shooter that killed Barnie Verdugo. I was hoping the cops would have found him by now, but that guy is probably running scared and may have even left the city, if not the state. They had a candelight vigil down at the bar for him and I imagine Marcia was there. I hope she is doing okay. I really feel bad for her and her familiy. What a hard thing to have to live through.

My youngest daughter, Kayleigh Marie (I have never figured out why I always call her Kayleigh Marie as opposed to Kayleigh, but I think it's because I just love her name and I just love her. I often times think I should tell her and Megan Renee how much I really do love them, but I am so bad at some things, anyway) texted me and told me that her band recorded their first demo of a song. I felt so proud of her. She is so talented and I texted her back and said, send me an mp3 of anything you record so I can hear it. She texted me back, saying it had it's problems but she liked it. LOL. I then texted her back and said, "LOL, that's why they call it a demo." My girls, all of them, are so good. Sara, Missy, Megan and Kayleigh, a father couldn't ask for more. And Justin, I love my son but I just wish he would get his stuff together and start making some good decisions in his life.

Anyway, I haven't had a bad day at all, in spite of everything that has been on my mind today. Tomorrow is St. Patricks day, but I have to work and even if I was home, I don't buy into that gig, never have. I have always heard it called, along with New Years day, Amateurs day, LOL. They are going to be out tomorrow night looking for drunk drivers. Maybe they will stumble upon Barney's killer.

We aired a new show tonight that I think is pretty good. It's called "Raines" and stars Jeff Goldblum. I liked the pilot and if that is any indication of what it's going to be like, it's a win for NBC. I will look forward to next week when the 2nd episode airs. So many times, NBC airs stuff that I don't think is very good. Scrubs, Earl, Heroes (from what I have seen one time) and Raines are good. Law & Order is good too, but hell, working in the industry, you don't really have time to just sit and watch something. On the other hand, I can't stand Grease, Deal or No Deal, Identity or 1 Vs 100. Pointy head types often lament the dumbing down of America and all you have to do is watch TV. American Idol, Desperate Housewives and god know what else. They all hold no interest for me and I just don't watch a lot of them. I just make sure that all the video and audio are good and make sure we don't catch black. Then again, I am too busy doing my job. I usually try to watch the Military Channel, the History Channel or FNC when I am switching after prime as it's just more interesting. I have also found the new channel on satellite at home called "Chiller" which is also a NBC/Uni entity that runs horror movies. Now, I am not that much of a horror aficionado, but it's cool to see some of the old Alfred Hitchcock stuff and some of the old horror films. I don't really like the newer stuff, it just doesn't have the "class" the old stuff does. I must be getting old, LOL.

Anyway, I am out of here in a couple of minutes and then off to home. I haven't had much time to really blog anything today so I will have to catch up tomorrow.

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