Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Must see video's about 'Ellie Mae'

I was over at Hugh Hewitt's site and found a link to a funny video.I wanted to embed here for anyone to see, but I will just have to post the link. It's pretty funny. Speaking of Hillary, I got my oldest daughter Sara a birthday card that has the 'ole battleaxe' on it. Now, if you know my daughter Sara, she is every bit a rabid conservative as I am and I hope she forgives me for it, but she will get a kick out of it none the less. So, I was looking to see if I find the code to embed the above mentioned video and I found another on YouTube which I have included below. Here is the link for that video;

Her Thighness for President 2008

I don't 'hate' anyone. I haven't got time for it, but Hillary or Ellie Mae as I call her, is a very dangerous person and given the political power that she has, she could do a lot of damage to the nation. I just find her to be pandering, power-drunk, pretentious, two-faced and well, pardon my swahilli, just a bitch.

But, just for laughs, these videos are good. And good comedy remember, involves an element of truth, that's why it is funny. Enjoy!

no animals, homeless people, liberals, pinheads or florida voters were hurt or injured in the writing of this post

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