Saturday, March 17, 2007

News from the weird...Cat Home Invasion

Now this is weird, really weird, but kind of funny too. I just hope my Siamese cat Buddy doesn't learn how to read (maybe he already does) otherwise, I am in a world of hurt, LOL. I gave him the nickname "the Razor" for a reason, ya know.

From North Platte, Nebraska: "Two stray cats got into a house and attacked three people inside," then were euthanized and checked for rabies. "The cats entered Melissa Breva's house through an open front door on Monday, and attacked two women visitors and a boy, authorities said. 'I thought I had seen it all, but I have never seen anything like this,' Chief of Police Martin Gutschenritter said. Animal control officer John Pettit responded to a call for help, Gutschenritter said. One woman was scratched and bitten on her legs; the other woman was bitten on her right calf, authorities said. After talking to them, Pettit went to his truck for snares, then heard screams. 'When he ran back, he saw a young male with blood over his face,' Gutschenritter said. 'He was bitten on his forehead, nose, left ear and right cheek.' After some first aid from Pettit, they were taken to [the] hospital." They got darts. They shot the cats and euthanized them, dead on the scene, and took them to examine for rabies. That is odd: outsider cats attacking people they don't know.


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