Saturday, March 31, 2007

3.30.07-' The Eagle has landed'

"One giant leap for the animal kingdom, one really, really small step and I mean small step for MOM. The Eagle has landed. Mom is Home.' Bill

That was the message I got today at 5:11 pm. Bill got Ma's and brought her home from the hospital. She is weak, and they sent an oxygen tank with her, but she was happy to be home with the 'fur kids' and well, just glad to be home. She is doing better, but obviously it's touch and go and we will have to keep an eye on her. My sister Pam and maybe my older brother Garrett are going to be showing up in the next couple of days. Pam for sure, Garrett not so. That is going to be strange as they are both so different and both are just well, nuts. I don't see them much and really, they can be a bit annoying with their attitudes about things, but I guess that is what families are about. Annoying. I tend to be real easy going and open to many things whereas they are very set in their ways about things. It will be interesting to say the least.

Other than that. I am just tired. I went to work today and I was just exhausted. I guess because I haven't really been sleeping as good lately (again) as I have been. Maybe it's just all the stuff going on. It just seems like I can't catch my breath before I am off again whether to work or taking care of something. I am hoping if I don't have to work on any of my days off, I can just hang out and get some real rest. Of course, if Pam and Garrett show up tuesday, that will be all shot to hell. I am on one hand dreading them showing up and looking forward to it. When Pam is drinking, she can be impossible and she tends to be very self-centered and somewhat self-righteous. Garrett can be self-righteous too, sometimes to the point of annoyance. But we will see.

Haven't heard anything from Justin. I wish I knew where he was but I have the feeling he's in trouble again. I try not to think about it, but I just dread getting a phone call that says he's either injured in the hospital or dead. I just hope he's safe and he just keeps out of trouble.

I can't believe it's already April. The time just flies by and I still find myself missing Buddy. Ma's said she really believes that Tessie, Molly and probably Takai think he was with her and they were confused when she got home and didn't bring Buddy with her. I am sure they don't understand. They know how special he was and how much I always paid attention to him. I am still trying to determine what to do with his ashes when I get them. I might just bury them in the back yard next to where Pressy is buried. He was never an outside cat, but he remembered Pressy and used to play with her when she was alive.

So, tonight is just another night. Guess I will turn in and get through the weekend. I still have to give Sawn her present and she has a book for me. Probably go have lunch with her on Monday. I hope her and Danny are doing ok. She said he has been just grouchy lately and I told her she needs to talk to him and figure out why. I love them both and I guess it's just a matter of adjustment for both now that Sawn isn't drinking anymore. She is such a special person. What a great friend. Well, off to bed, gotta be to work early tomorrow.