Sunday, April 1, 2007

Springtime 4.01.07

Ah, you can tell it's spring. The picture here was sent by a good friend of mine, Steve "Shag" Schumacher in Georgia. We used to work together at Fort KPNX and he now works for our sister station WXIA in Atlanta. These are dogwoods. I haven't been to the south in years. I was born in the south, Alabama and have always wanted to go back, even to just visit. One thing I do miss about living in Colorado is the changing of the seasons, preferrably from Winter to Spring. Colorado 'Springs' can very very volatile. It can snow at lower elevations as late as June as I remember, but the trees and flowers blooming, the rain as opposed to snow and the temps getting warmer. It doesn't happen like that here. It's starting to warm up and though it's beautiful here in Phoenix right now as far as temperature, it's going to start getting warmer pretty quick. But, this is a great picture anyway.

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