Monday, April 23, 2007

Just a Cute Story

I found this on Drudge. I read the article and watched the video and seeing as how I have an interest in cats, I had to post it.

This came out of the UK and I think it must be a piano studio or a piano teachers house as at one point, a 'student' does a duet with Nora, the piano cat.

For all the worries in the world and all the Barbara Streisand that goes on, every once in awhile you run across something that tickles your insides. I wish Buddy was here to see this, not that he would watch, but still. This is just cute and I was in the mood for cute.

The piano-playing cat who caused an internet sensation
The Daily Mail
Last updated at 16:07pm on 23rd April 2007

The latest star to shoot out of YouTube knows the benefit of practice to make you purrfect.

Nora the piano-playing puss has caused an internet-frenzy, with 2.5 million viewers across the globe logging on to see her antics.

Nora looks cool as a cucumber as she wows her audience
Her musical stylings probably won't impress true aficionados of classical music.

Aficionados of cats, however, will want to watch her over and over again.

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