Monday, April 9, 2007

Your Democratic Party

Let's see, "NASCAR" Nancy Pelosi, the "Damascus Diva" can go over and talk to Syrian dictator Bashir Assad, against the wishes of the President of the United States. Syria is technically considered an enemy of the United States and certainly an enemy of our ally, Israel. Since when did the speaker of the House of the United States become an emissary for foreign policy? I wonder if she is really on a fact finding mission for new jewelry?

And then you have the gutless wonders. Barack "the magic negro" Obama (Hey, The LA Slimes called him that, not me), John, "The Breck Girl" Edwards and of course, Hillary "Ellie Mae" Clinton all decide to pull out of a debate hosted by Fox News Channel. Why? because they will not be pandering to their base and they will probably get asked some hard questions about their wishy-washy stances on important issues. Chances are, they will let CNN or CBS televise a debate, Katie "the mouse" Couric will ask each what their favorite color is, who is their favorite "American Idol" and if they wear Boxers or Briefs. Chances are Hillary wears neither, just a strap-on, eh-hmm. Anyway, what can they be afraid of? It would seem to me that they would want to take the 'right wing' on directly to try and win votes, but nope, they want to pander to the 'loony left' of unshaven guys who live in their basements that think that 'Blowhard Smarming' is more of a threat than terrorism. Gutless wonders, all of them, Gutless wonders.

The only freedom that the liberal left believes in is to free you from your money and your common sense. Pinheads.