Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Check out what "Green" Hanoi Sheryl's rider for concerts looks like

So, Miss 'one square of toilet paper' Sheryl Crow now says;

"And by the way guys, the toilet paper thing...it was a JOKE!!"


The link goes to her post on "HR Puffington Compost" (the huffington post). It doesn't matter Sheryl, it's already out past Pluto as we say in TV, the aliens are watching it. It's been all over talk radio and all the cable news channels. I didn't watch Leno tonight as I am off and I never really watch Letterman much anymore, but that story has leno and letterman all over it, and Conan too.

So, I played in a band for a long time. I know what it's like to have to lug equipment in, set it all up, get everything tuned and all the systems working, etc. I find it interesting that Miss "Green" Hanoi "one square" has for a rider. A rider for anyone that doesn't know is a list of requirements for performers when they play at a venue. So, Crow is doing the "blowhard smarming" college tour and the smoking gun has her rider. I present it below. Click on each page to see it full screen and read what she and her tour requires. I wonder how many carbon offsets she purchased from Al Gore for this one? Look at all the electric, gas and other resources that they use and then think about all the people required to use more resources to accomplish getting her all the required stuff. And I am willing to bet her bathroom is fully stocked with plenty of toilet paper as she is definitely full of, well, you know. Click on each page to read the whole rider. Courtesy the smoking gun.