Monday, April 2, 2007

More on 'Global Warming' and a BBC documentary

I was thinking about this again a little while ago and the thought occurred to me. The moonbat pinheads on the left are more concerned about 'Global Warming' than they are about the threat of terrorism. Which, and I am being a bit facetious here, leads me to believe that should a terrorist explode a nuke or WMD in a major American or British city, they would say, "well, we deserved it, after all we invaded their land." But they will run around and protest (do these wackos have jobs?) and scream about 'Global Warming' and how evil the US is (even though as a nation, we have the highest environmental restrictions of any industrialized nation) for being the US. They are consumed by guilt and hatred because we are who we are, the most powerful nation on the face of the earth.

If these people had their way, we'd all be wearing grass skirts, living in
mud huts and walking (or riding bicycles, well no, cos you need oil to lubricate the parts and they hate anything to do with oil, so yeah, walking). Meanwhile, from a professional side, I get a kick out of going to these 'protests' and watching them 'protesting' (more like just smoking the ganga and drinking, the smells are overpowering) and then driving off in their vans and UAV's (Urban Assault Vehicles, SUV's to my trailer park friends in Fountain, Colorado) to go and smoke more ganga and drink more alcohol and wax on to their liberal buddies about how their 'protesting' shows they 'care' more about 'Global Warming' than everyone else and they must think to their smug selves that they have done something to help 'mother earth'. Please.

So, I am not a big fan of the BBC. They are another leftist organization that try to spin everything to the left. I say that as I have worked in the TV business long enough to know what they are doing. It is often so subtle that most people don't realize it. But, I found the documentary that the BBC did about 'Global Warming' or as it just occurred to me, 'Blowhard Smarming'. They are not going to air this in the US and it got very little airtime in Britain as the socialists there didn't want anyone to see it for what it is. A giant scam.
And I am surprised that the producer was allowed to even produce and air it. I wonder if he still had a job? But I have to add, the BBC produces some of the finest stuff when they want. This is a very good production and I am glad they did it. It should be shown in the US and I am hoping someone will secure the rights to air it.

Funny how with all the attention to 'Blowhard Smarming' is being done by Al the Bore, he is also making a cottage industry or should I say, a mansion industry, of selling 'carbon offsets'. Pet rock or mood ring anyone? Jeez. Anyway, I was going to try a new feature on the blog that I have, but I haven't worked out the bugs yet. So, I will include it below. From the BBC and channel 4, 'The Great Global Warming Swindle.'

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