Sunday, April 29, 2007

An interesting observation

This from my good friend Vincent at

Vincents Journey-Down the Road of Life;

"If you decide to write your elected official about illegal Mexicans ask him/her why he/she apologizes for past slavery of the 1800s yet continues to support slavery in America to this very day. For if you stop and think about it the use by big businesses to better their bottom line by using cheap labor of illegal Mexicans is nothing more but modern day slavery. In the 1800's there were those who ran human trafficking ships from Africa to America. It was Africans selling their own into slavery. Then plantation owners used the cheap labor to better their wealth. Today we have coyotes (Mexicans) who traffic in illegal Mexicans. Once the Mexicans are in America then businesses use them to better their finances. Yep once again it appears the politicians that run this country have proven to be hypocrites - say they are sorry for past sins of slavery yet fully support modern day slavery by refusing to do anything about the border."