Sunday, April 29, 2007

Finally, an engineer explains women

I have a good friend that I grew up with. I met him years ago when my older brother hung out with him and then when he joined my old band as the keyboard player. His name is Ronnie P. We call him 'R.P.' and he is a very intelligent guy.

Ronnie is very technical and served in the Navy working on guided missile systems aboard a destroyer. When he left the Navy, he got a job working at what was then Litton systems doing highly technical work. Now he lives in Las Vegas working for a gaming corporation fixing and designing machines for gambling I guess. Either way, Ronnie is a very, very smart guy.

So, he sends me this email about women. Now, I don't think Ronnie came up with this, but still, it's the way an engineer would explain women to men, in terms that men can understand. Seeing as how I am an engineer myself, yep, this fits them to a tee. If anything, the below schematics are pretty funny anyway. My friend Son (pronounced Sawn) is always trying to a) convince me to find a girlfriend or B) set me up with friends of hers, but after seeing this, I am more than sure that I am in no hurry to 'find a woman', LOL. Click on each graphic to see it full and read how an engineer explains women to us men in terms we can understand.