Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Virginia Tech Shootings

Truly a sad day in America. That a deranged man would even consider taking 2 weapons and kill as many people, anonymous to him I am sure, over what is thought to have been a 'domestic squabble' is sad. I read somewhere that the serial numbers on the guns had been filed off which raises a couple of questions. If they haven't released the identity of the shooter as of this writing, how can they know that the guns' serial numbers were filed off already? maybe I missed something in the myriad of press conferences. 2) If said numbers were indeed filed off, then obviously they were illegal. Where did he get them and who did he buy them from? certainly there is no reason to file off the serial numbers if they were bought legally. And even if they were bought legally, does that stop anyone from abusing them? I read that he had a receipt in the back pack they found on him for one of the guns, why would anyone who bought a gun legally file off the serial number? So many questions that have yet to be answered.

So, I am waiting for the anti-handgunners to again go jihad over gun control. 3) If someone on campus or a few people had been legal gun owners with a proper (or improper) C&C permit, could there have been a chance that the shooter might have been stopped before he wreaked all the carnage he did?

I offer my deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims and I watched pretty much all day when I could, the coverage. Though I am not surprised by the whole incident, it has become almost common place anymore, I am saddened. I was impresed however with some of the students who were interviewed and some 'polls' I saw where they all indicated that this was an anomaly and not a common occurrence. One student said that she felt that 'it was an isolated incident and the police can't be everywhere all the time.' If that is the way many of these young people think, I think there is hope for the future. It shows that there are young people who think with a logical mind and not the emotional hysteria that seems to pervade many of that generation.