Monday, April 16, 2007

"Out-Imusing Imus" a Mark Levin piece

This is from Mark Levin and from and his view on the whole Imus debacle. He makes good points (as usual) and echoes things I have said. Levin knows his stuff.

Out-Imusing Imus
By Mark R. Levin

Some interesting information here. There is now a campaign underway, fueled by Democrats who contribute to a “tax-exempt group” called Media Matters, (ed. note; click on the link to go to media matters and see the kind of loony crap they write) to force conservative talk show hosts from radio. Hillary Clinton also has strong ties to this group. It’s run by the notorious David Brock. Having failed miserably with Air America, another Democrat-established effort, it appears we have a rather sleazy effort afoot to silence the one broadcast venue the Left can’t control.

Imus’s language is abhorrent. Yet, until this week, he was paid millions by NBC/MSNBC and CBS. The spectacle of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson demanding Imus’s head, when they’ve said and done far worse, is hard to stomach. Their racism and anti-Semitism is well-documented. The same broadcast companies that had employed Imus now give a microphone to them.

But Sharpton and Jackson have now highlighted something they never intended to address, i.e., the vile and disgusting content of much hip-hop and rap music. Conservative talk show hosts don’t play this stuff on the air. It’s the bread-and-butter of Urban radio stations. Hollywood celebrates it (”It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Original Song—lyrics here) Sharpton and Jackson have never picketed an Urban radio station; they’ve never called for boycotts of the record labels that produce this filth; they’ve never asked the FCC to investigate the playing of these recordings on the public airwaves; and they’ve never demanded the firing of any DJs or executives who promote it. Yet, this junk is demeaning like nothing else and perpetuates all the worst stereotypes.

The real story is the failure of these self-appointed guardians of morality to speak the truth. But, then again, to do so would take guts and integrity.