Monday, April 2, 2007

Aren't these people just wonderful?

It always struck me as interesting how people who claim to be "fair" and "care" about the "average" person, worried about the "environment", wanted to help the "homeless" and "poor" and had so much "compassion" for other human beings can be so vile.

I am referring to the Rosie O'Donnell's, Barbara Streisands, Alec Baldwin's and the liberal left moonbats out there. I think that it is so sad that after white house press secretary Tony Snow announced that his cancer had returned and that he needed to go in for surgery, people over at "The Huffington Post" made all kinds of ridiculous and just plain evil comments about it. I mean, they can't be civil to begin with, but they wish for the death of Dick Cheney, Dubya, call Rumsfeld a murderer, are just salivating to get Karl Rove cos he just kicks their butts all the time on the political field. They can't support anything they say with facts, and even when confronted with facts, they respond like my friend down the page, the autorantic virtual moonbat, with nonsense. I have yet to hear a conservative, well, Ann Coulter does kind of push it, but she is a fighter and doesn't take any crap from anyone, say some of the things I read about Tony posted on Arianna Huffington's site. Here are some examples;

from "BigMitch" on March 23, 2007"
"Let's not sink to the level of the Rush Limbaughs of the world. Tony Snow is a piece of s***, for sure. His punishment should be the shame that is justifiably heaped on a spokesman for the most venal and vicious administration in memory."

This one from someone named "KindAndThoughtful";
"Funny, I was thinking Snow didn't look that well - I assumed it was just the pressure of working for a bunch of assholes.", aw, that was nice, wasn't it?

and "mike169" chimes in;
" Let's keep it civil folks. Snow is, for whatever reason, and apologist for a gang of crimminals and liars."

oh, and we can't forget about
"While I wish him well and hope it is nothing serious, I do have to wonder if the growth he will have removed isn't the last shred of integrity he has."

"JDOK" offers his support to Tony, touching isn't it?;

"I couldn't stand Tony Snow when he was a mouthpiece for FOX and I can stomach him even less as chief distorter-in-charge for the Bush Administration. However, I do hope that he enjoys a successful surgery. Bush and the other criminals in the administration will need him for the next 20 months."

From "Oregonrain",
"All emotion aside , even though Tony Snow is a minion for Bushie, I do hope he will be alright . Maybe he will see this as a wake up call , and look for employment elsewhere. Obviously , his gut cant take the pressure of his job ."


"I'm sorry to hear about this for Tony, I hope it is all good news for the guy. Tony may be a BushCo whore but nobody deserves to have cancer..."

I could go on and on with more, I saved the entire comment section when the VP was in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda tried to explode a bomb near him, and it was just sickening that these people would say some of the things they did.

Let me tell you something. I am a recovering democrat myself. I became a conservative
republican after watching Jimmy Carter sit there and tell me that "America's best days are behind us." That just made me sick. And watching how he bungled the hostage crisis that led us to where we are now. Then Reagan came along and just kicked ass and took names. I couldn't stand what happened to the democratic party. My family were all democrats and got so sick of the left wing pinheads and their political correctness that they all became republicans. My kids are republicans. Hell, I think even my ex-wife, who was once a moonbat herself at one time, has moved to the right. These people are so full of hatred for anything that they don't agree with, they would rather watch it die. Which is ironic, considering, they had no problems when Saddam was murdering his own people, or when he was in a senseless war with Iran killing thousands everyday. They didn't care when he gassed his own people. "Oh, that is an internal matter" they would say. They never said anything about the millions that the communist chinese killed in the name of "progress" or anything about the Soviet's and their treatment of their own people. Nope, not a word. It's always the "evil, United States corporate greed machine." Did anyone ever tell these wackos that the 60's are long gone?

This is probably the point where I am suppose to say, "Well, whether you agree with his politics or not, he's still a human being and cancer is no laughing matter." Well, I will tell you something, I have never wished anything or said anything remotely similar about someone on the left I didn't agree with. Even Jethro and Ellie Mae. I despised Clinton, but I accepted the facdt that the American people voted him in, so therefore he was the president. I still can't stomach Ellie Mae and I have said what I have thought of her in an earlier post. She's evil, opportunistic, pandering and a socialist. She will do anything to get elected. Dubya was elected, TWICE, you can argue that point all you want, but the facts are there to back them up. I make no apology's for backing him, I don't agree with everything he does, but consider the alternatives. If Gore or Kerry had actually won the election, imagine the the nastiness they would have brought with them into American politics, even more so than now, because the people that supported them are the very same people that wish for the death of their political opponents. Nice people huh? To tell you the truth, these people make me want to vomit. I have to wonder if the hatred they spew is not really hatred at themselves. Surely, a person with that much hate can't find any good in anything. They are pathetic. I just hope that God forgives them, oh I forgot, they have no god other than themselves.