Sunday, April 1, 2007

Why I have a hard time swallowing the BS about Global Warming...

Well, kind of. To me, the hue and cry about man creating 'global warming' is just hot air. If you listen really close to Al Bore, who is neither a scientist or trustworthy (more on that later), he and the rest of the wackos want to attribute 'global warming' to something that man is doing. This has become the new subset in the religion of liberalism. Liberalism is a religion and if you don't agree with me, sit down and think about it. Anyway, this picture is fascinating. Look at the sun and then look at the Cosmic Solar Eruption at the black or blue dot inside of it. That gives you a comparison of just how small we as a planet are to the sun.

We had a huge solar eruption in October of '03 that knocked Telestar 4 out of commission and went shooting across the universe at incredible speeds. The funny thing is, with all the talk about 'global warming' I don't think I have ever heard from the so-called 'experts' what the sun's role in it is. And it has to have some role, wouldn't you think? I mean, the atmosphere on Mars is also heating up and the last I heard, Chevy, Ford and Chrysler didn't have plants up there, no people we know of live there, so what is causing it to also heat up? well, try the SUN! you pinheads!

When you look at this picture, look at how big the earth is in relation, then think of how small one person is. Think of how big the earth is to us and then tell me, that we are capable, outside of exploding every nuclear device on the planet at the same time, of changing our climate. I mean, back in '75 it was 'global cooling' and how convenient for these so-called 'experts' to claim that we won't see the results of 'global warming' until at least 50 to 100 years, when they and a lot of us will have died anyway and they won't be around to be questioned about their findings. The earth has existed and thrived no matter what we do, chances are, it will out live us and thrive as it always has.
As I said, I think the only hot air we are experiencing is coming from the 'inconvenient truth' that Al & the wacky left would have you believe.

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