Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A new project I have in mind (like I really have any time for more)

So, anyway, I being your humble, professional 'vidiot', executing my assigned broadcast duties, flawlessly, well, most of the time anyway. I am thinking of starting a message board for Phoenix TV & Radio media. Now, I have been mulling this over for awhile and I've searched for something here in the market, but I haven't found anything yet as in a message board for us TV folk. I would have all the stations, radio & tv included so 'Vidiots' (for my trailer park friends in Fountain, Colorado, that's a TV term combining 'Video', that stuff you see on your tv when you are drinking your Milwaukee's best and watching 'American Idol' or your local favorite, 'Cops' and 'idiot' for, well, I think you probably have a good grasp on that, cos that's why you live in Fountain, Colorado. Don't get upset though, we have own our version, Apache Junction/East Mesa). The definition of a 'vidiot' is anyone who works in TV production and a 'radiot' is someone that works in radio.

Phoenix is rapidly becoming a huge TV market and we have one of the biggest DMA's (that's TV code for "Designated Market Area", or the way they measure the size of a market) in the state for radio, and yeah, I guess TV too. News out of Tucson is that our sister affiliate, KVOA NBC 4, is now going Hi-Def. That means both NBC affiliates in the major markets in Arizona are going to be hi-def.

Now, I am not completely sure if I can do it. I mean, technically I can. I have the space, the template and all the other components, but that will be a big thing to manage along with my blog site. And I might call it TV never sleeps in Phoenix or something. But we have so many media outlets here and many of the people that work at KPNX have worked at other stations or people at other stations have worked at KPNX. We are really a pretty exclusive group (kind of like soliders or police or what have you) and we have our own lingo, English. But, I just think that would be a way for all us 'vidiots' and 'radiots' to talk about our stations and other things. Now, I won't allow flaming of course and would hope that people would watch their language and not use foul words, but hey, we use them all the time when the transmitter crashes, or the Live truck generator won't start, or the damned reporter is too busy putting on their auto body putty in the truck and isn't ready for the live shot. I will see and and will have to talk to my friends and see if we can do that. I will let you know should you be interested. Oh, and by the way, for some fun, click on the link for a unique TV promo example done by our very own Charlie Van Dyke who does our voice overs. This is a perfect example of how TV hypes itself, even though this clip is in jest. But really, we (promotions I mean) in TV tend to overdramatize stories in order to 'tease' the viewer and well, this is just funny anyway;


Haven't heard anything on Buddy, hopefully tomorrow. I am still saying my 'trench prayers' that he is going to be okay. Anyway, gots to work tomorrow so I am going to bed early tonight in order to get up and take care of some business (thank ya, thank ya very much) before I go.