Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And one more thing, a WARNING-please read

If you are reading this, it might be a good idea for you to read the following flier that I received from my friend, Philip. Now, I, in all the years I have been alive on this earth, have never done meth, in fact, I was a failure (or a success depending on how you look at it) as far as drugs. I just didn't get into them, a guinness stout was always my gig. But I know people (including my son, who got help thank God) that have been involved with it and I have never seen anything more destructive than meth. It is astounding to see what it can do to a person and I have run across many a poor soul that has suffered at the mercy of this drug. I am quite sure it has probably made it's way to Arizona all points in between. I am going to include this flier from the Dept of Public Safety in Nevada for you to see. Click on the Flier to read the information.

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