Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The morning cup of Joe for March 6, 2007

Good Morning Mr. & Mrs. America, This is what is happening in the world today on this fine morning;

Scooter Libby found guilty of obstructing justice; (this is not about right or wrong; it's not about leaking Valerie Plame's name as a CIA operative, it's mo
re a political indictment of the Bush Administration after Plame's husband, Joe Wilson was exposed as being a fraud.)

Will a blood clot force Cheney to step down? Will Wilma ever leave Fred? Does Betty know that Barney is a homosexual and that him & Fred have been engaging in unprotected sex? Oh, the humanity! (The Brits have the strangest take on stuff sometimes.)

Apologies & Anger over Walter Reed;

Are you ready to Hummmmmm-bbbbbbllllleeeeee! (Not really. Whenever you have her thighness & Osama Obama together, it's sure to be a lovefest)

Liberal Democrats rebel on Iraq spending Bill; (why am I not surprised?)

Quake in Indonesia; nothing new there either. That area of the world is susceptible to quakes;

Russia said to be capable of knocking out missile shield. (Those wascally Russkies are always at it eh?)


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