Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Buddy Update 3.21.07

Well, I did get kind of an update on my boy. Dr. Johnson said that she didn't find any kind of abnormality in his bowel, so that's out. She said she did notice that his lymph nodes were swollen which is not good. She also said the last series of tests that she did on him didn't indicate either Feline leukemia or Feline HIV, so I am thinking that the only thing is, it's cancer. I hope not and she says she isn't sure. She did a few tests on him and sent them out for analysis. As her office is closed today, I will find out tomorrow late morning or early afternoon. That will be great as I will be at the funeral for Barney Verdugo, the son-in-law of my friend and counselor, Marcia.

Dr. Johnson says it really at this point could be anything and not to jump to conclusions that it is cancer. It could be a thyroid problem or any number of things. She said he has been very brave enduring all the stuff he had to endure while in her care. That's Buddy. He is so skittish at times, but he is a very strong and determined guy. She said that he made a little improvement after getting hydrated and that he aced the whole issue with the anaesthesia. So, I am waiting to find out and will probably have to go get him tomorrow and bring him home. The other animals have just been freaking out since he isn't here, they keep looking for him and just acting strange. They know something is amiss. I just hope he makes it. I will post again about him when I have more information.

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