Monday, March 26, 2007

3.25.07 & My Little Pony

I talked to my mom this morning. She is feeling better than she has been feeling. They said she has pleurisy and a bladder infection and have her on antibiotics. No word yet on when she will be released. I have a feeling it probably won't be until at least tuesday. I have been just tooling around the house this morning and doing housework, laundry and watching TV, well, I have the TV on and am watching all the hoopla going on with Iran and the British sailors that the Iranians have detained.

I was on my way to work today and saw this purple shape in the middle of the road. I knew right away what it was. So, I stopped and picked it up. On my way home tonight, I left a note at the Circle K with the Clerk saying, "Found, a special Purple & Green animal that's looking for it's owner, if it's yours, leave your phone number and I will call." I remember this from way back when Missy was a little girl. Even now, she loves my little ponies. I have a tape here that I will upload later of Missy & Megan singing in my studio of "My little pony and Friends." Missy just adored them and she would have gone totally nuts had she lost her pony. Ah, the memories.

I realized that I have been working at Fort KPNX for 7 years now. My anniversay was the 15th of March and I didn't realize it until I opened a card from John Misner, the GM at the station. 7 years at the station, wow. Where does the time go? It's weird to think that Decker hired me and now he is gone. I really miss 'Dad'. It seems so long ago that he died, almost another lifetime. There have been so many changes at the station and now it's getting challenging again. Since we have gone HD, I am wandering into new territory and it's almost exciting again. I was talking to one of the reporters the other day and he asked me what I did at the station, LOL. Funny, he didn't know. I told him what I did and related some of my experience and I started thinking about all the different things I have done in TV. It's amazing to think that other than on-air, I have done most every job in TV there is to be done. I really want to get back into 'TD'-ing. That's the only thing in operations at the station I haven't done. I would also like to try directing. I am a good director as I don't freak out easy and I can 'dance'.

Anyway, the house is so much lonelier without the razor around. The other kitties, Molly especially, don't understand why Buddy isn't here. How do you tell 2 kitty cats, Molly & Takai and a chow, Tessie, that Buddy died. Molly has been wandering around here following me meowing. I know she's asking where Buddy is. They were great friends and Takai really loved Buddy too. He doesn't know what happened. Even now I miss him so much. I keep looking for him to come out and flop over to play big bad foot. There will never be another one like Buddy.

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