Monday, March 26, 2007

My Friend Stevie & MS

I have a good friend named Steve. Steve or Stevie as I call him have known each other around 5 years or so I think. We became friends after he started working at Fort KPNX and rapidly proved himself to be a premier operator and 'vidiot'. Stevie is good at what he does, I have a lot of respect for him and when all hell breaks loose, if Stevie is there, we can solve the crisis pretty easily as he is the consummate professional that knows when we are in the heat of battle, what to do, hence that's why he has the title of 'vidiot'. There are very few vidiots and we have a core group of them at work, Stevie is one of them. That is him and his cat Sandy in the picture.

Stevie also has Multiple Sclerosis. He has had it now I think about 4 years or 5 years. It was shortly after 9.11 that he got sick and was out for awhile. Then to find out the diagnosis was MS. Now, Stevie can be intense, he is from Detroit or thereabouts, Michigan anyway, so ever being the typical Midwesterner, he talks fast when he gets excited. I have a pet name for him, I call him the "motor city madman" because sometimes when he is on a roll, he can go crazy, LOL. But I know that working with him, he is one of the finest and most dedicated operators I have ever had the privilege to work with. I admire and respect him and he has a great sense of humor.

He has been in and out of doctors, therapists and God knows whom else seeking help and doing battle with the insurance company to get them to pay for necessary treatment and medications. Stevie has taken what has been handed to him in stride. He has also immersed himself in the local chapter (and the National Chapter as well) for the Multiple Sclerosis society, that is dedicated to finding a cure for this disease, which like HIV in many ways, attacks the immune system. He has volunteered to go out and do fundraising for the MS chapter and tells me about the latest happenings and ideas he has to help out. Stevie doesn't get a lot of press even though he works in the media. He doesn't have the celebrity star power of say a Michael J Fox to bring more awareness to such a devastating disease. But Stevie is doing what he can. And I have posted links for anyone reading, that wants to help out for a good cause, to donate. If you want to, you can click the link here or go over to my links and click on the "my friend Steves MS page" and go to the site and donate and read more about what average, ordinary people like Stevie, have to deal with everyday. While you are at it, go to the AZ chapter for Multiple Sclerosis and learn a little about the disease, you would be surprised.

And if you ever happen to meet Stevie in person, you will find that he is certainly not average or ordinary, he has quite the character and charisma and strength and a huge heart. Please help out Stevie and all the others out there that want so much to find a cure and help others live.

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