Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Claire Massey Music

Now, some of you out there know that I am a songwriter.
There is a difference between a musician and a songwriter. Often times they are one in the same, but to distinguish between the two, you have to understand. A musician is someone usually who plays a musical instrument and may or may not write. Their passion is usually to just play, live or on recordings. A songwriter is someone whose passion is to write the music. Sometimes the songwriter is not a musician, but just a songwriter. They write the music and pass it on to others to perform. An analogy is a race car driver doesn't have to be a mechanic, he may just drive the car whereas the mechanic might also be a driver, (that should be easy enough for all my trailer park friends in Fountain, Colorado to understand, right?)

I am both, but ever since I was a wee pup, I always wanted to write music. And record
it too. I love the very process of recording. Taking an idea that formed in my head and 'chasing' it till I hear it come out in some fashion on the speakers. Now, I know I put Claire Massey in the title of this post, so you may ask, "Slayur, what does Claire Massey have to do with this? and who is Claire Massey?" (that's her in the picture, she's beautiful, huh) Well, let me tell you. People ask me all the time what kind of music I listen to and I don't have an answer (hell, when they ask me what kind of music I write, I reply "the kind with notes"). I don't view music like most people view it. I have been a songwriter/musician so long that I have music in my head most of the time, notice I said MUSIC, not VOICES, ok? got it? Anyway, I will listen to something and if it catches my fancy, I will listen to it. For those of you that know me, I absolutely can not stand Hip Hop/Rap or whatever the hell they call it. And I also can't stomach much country. Rap doesn't really require a lot of talent and it doesn't hold to the wonderful traditions of Black music in America much like the old Rhythm & Blues and the Motown sound. Hell, anyone can do Rap, it takes no talent. I still am of the belief that they should try combining Rap with Country and calling it "CRAP". I also, believe it or not, have a hard time stomaching 'Buzzsaw' rock. You know, the Low E string tuned down to D, the lead vocalist wailing like he is pleading with the devil to get out of hell or one of Al Gore's Global Warming lectures. The guitars so overdriven and the tempo moving faster than Hillary Clinton from a lie detector test or grand jury inquiry, but that's for another time. Just no dynamics in that stuff, it's all turned up to '11'.

Claire Massey came to my attention some years ago when she and her sister Cathy fronted the band "The Tami Show". They had a hit in the top 30 I think, called "The Truth". I always liked that song and when I heard the album "Wanderlust", I liked the album. I found Claire and asked her to send me a copy of "the Truth" and found out she had released a solo album (obviously The Tami Show had disbanded at this point) and she sent me "Suncat Muse." She autographed both for me and then I found a copy of "Wanderlust" so I bought it. I consider "Suncat Muse" to be one of my favorite albums, if you will, of late. I love listening to it and I don't usually listen to anything other than talk radio in my motorcar, I will pull out "Suncat Muse" and listen to it. It is good music.
Claire and I stay in touch as she knows I am a big fan so she sent me an email to let me know that she is now releasing a new 3 song EP at the end of March. I am going to get it and look forward to getting a new album when and if she releases it. She has a great voice and can write some great music. Claire is a songwriter. She has a great band behind her and she just can rock. I am adding 2 songs here for you to listen to. One is "The Truth" which I really love to listen to and the other is my favorite from "Suncat Muse" called, "Don't take my family." If you are looking for some new music that is well written and recorded and not gonna make you crazy after the 2nd cut, I would recommend getting hold of some Claire Massey. I have a link to her website where you can go and check her out. And besides that, she's always been a babe and still is, LOL.

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