Saturday, March 3, 2007

So, other than that Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play?

I decided to start blogging again. Again. I have been debating it for awhile now, going back and forth thinking I don't really have a lot to say. But then, the thoughts over the last couple of days have compelled me to do so. I think because I am due in court on the 14th for the DUI charge and well, I am looking at a minimum of 60 days in the Hanoi Hilton (Tent City in Phoenix for all you people out there in Fountain, Colorado) and well, just getting chewed up by the system. I brought this on myself in a night of stupidty, luckily I wasn't involved in an accident or anything, but just a simple stop because of a low back tire. Now, dear reader, one might ask; "60 days for a DUI?". well, yes, as it's the 2nd one in over a year. The first one I got was in January of '05 (but I was busted for sleep meds then). I have a problem with insomnia (and alcohol it seems) and depression. So, when all else failed, and after 3 or 4 days straight with no sleep, I got desperate so I drank. And no, that is not my booking photo, that was a gag pic for the "wall of shame" at the station. I wanted it instead of the one they took. Bummer.

Now, you might ask; who are you? well, at the risk of sounding egotistical, I am Bobslayur, Bob to many of my friends, Slayur to others. I am an operations technician for a TV station here in Phoenix. I have worked in broadcasting almost 25 years now both in radio and TV. I have quite the resume, or so people tell me. But I digress. I like to write, I am a songwriter, a musician (who isn't one anymore these days?) I love history, current events, aircraft, women, things that go "bing" and well, too many thing to mention. I don't do drugs, per se. I mean, I have always been a beer drinker and well, I guess it got away from me leading me down the road I am on. But as far as "drugs", well, as most people my age have, I have smoked pot, did a little speed at one time, tried coke in the '80's and found it to be the biggest waste of time. So, I stayed away from "drugs", I just always gravitated toward a good cold Guinness or at times, cheap beer.

Am I afraid? well, yes and no. I don't relish the idea of spending almost 2 months in the Hanoi Hilton, and in which case, will be spent in solitary. The reason being, they don't like guys with beards or facial hair and long hair in general. And I will not cut my hair. I feel that it's not their business to worry about my general appearance as long as I am clean, wearing decent clothing and show proper hygiene. But, the boys at the Hanoi Hilton like to intimidate people, so I think I know what to expect. But, I am going to try and use this experience as a learning experience and report on what I go through and what I see. The bright side is, they have work release and I work nights, so hopefully, I can work at night whilst all the other dudes are asleep and I can sleep during the day whilst the other dudes are at work. It will be interesting to see what the "screws" (the guards as the hardened inmates call them, may as well learn the lingo for my "stay") say or how they react when they discover I work in the media. I may just file reports with local publications around town about the experience and maybe even see if one is interested in using my story exculsively.

Am I proud of what happened? first and foremost, no, not at all. I don't think that driving an automobile under the influence is a good thing under any circumstances. I am not one to usually go out and make a habit of drinking and driving (some say I would, 2 DUI's in less than a year is not a habit? the first one was given to me for sleep medication anyway) as I work in the media and Lord knows, we have carried many stories of people who did and the tragic things that happened. I accept full responsibility for what I did and while I do harbor resentment against the legal system, notably the DMV, I understand the rationale for their actions. But, I made a mistake, albeit the 2nd one. The bummer is, if I ever do drink and drive again, and I am not planning on it, it's a felony. That's some hard time dude, 4 years I think. Needless to say, after all the poking and prodding, investigation and playing with meds, my doctor finally found the right combo of meds to combat both my depression, anxiety and insomnia. Good, about damn time.

Anyway, I have decided to blog on the whole thing. To lock in my feelings, attitudes and thoughts on the experience. Perhaps, dear reader, if you do decide to follow me, you might come to the conclusion that you don't want to drink and drive. It's not a good thing and Arizona is widely reknown for it's tough DUI laws. So, off we go, I will post things as I come up with them and perhaps even turn you on to some of my music. Welcome.


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