Thursday, March 8, 2007

Battle of the Dueling UAV's

So I was on my way over to meet some guys about playing bass on an album. Now, they weren't really all that far from where I live, so I figured, 20 minutes tops with the early rush hour traffic. I headed down one main road only to run across an accident. Well, I take a detour and go a mile east of where I need to be figuring that I would double back to where I needed to go. Then down at the intersection I needed to head west on, there is another accident. The thing that struck me about this accident, thank god it wasn't serious, was that it involved almost virtually the same make and model UAV's (That' Urban Assault Vehicle, AKA SUV's for all you people in Fountain, Colorado). I had to stop in a parking lot and try and get the best picture I could. Both of them are on flat-bed tow trucks. What made it even more special, both parties of both vehicles were, TA-DA! snowbirds! yep, old people that were here visiting during the colder climes at our northern neighbors. Or, they were on their way to Hohokam Park to watch Cubs preseason baseball. I just found this kind of funny.

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