Tuesday, March 6, 2007

It's Monday Night

Good Evening Mr. & Mrs. America and all ships at sea, Let's go to press...

So, it's a late Monday night. I have been tired today and had to take my mom to WalMart to "get a few things" yeah, right. I started working on a new posting about the excursion and my general feeling about Walmart, but right now I am just too tired to really work on anything. It's submarine week all week on the Military Channel, so I am sitting in the War Room watching the top 10 submarines while typing this.

I talked to a good friend today. Good 'ole Steve "Shaggy" Schumacher. Shag used to work at Fort KPNX and now works for WXIA in Atlanta. We got to be be really close friends when he worked at the station as he is a songwriter/musician too. Otherwise, I have just been tired and went and got something to eat, went to a meeting, and just watched some tv while working on a project for a friend of mine from the Chateau.

Tomorrow I have to take Buddy the Razor (my Siamese cat) to the vet. He has been losing weight and he feels like a sack with bones right now, so I am a bit worried. I really love that cat and I don't want anything to happen to him. I am not really an animal person to begin with, I prefer cats over dogs, but I really love that cat. He's very special to me. Anyway, think I will call it a night and just kick back and get some sleep. Gonna be a long day tomorrow and I need to get plenty of rest. I will be posting some more tomorrow and I am also working on being able to include audio clips into the blog, which ought to be cool. Best to you all.


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