Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well, that went over like a lead balloon...and an update on Tolly Carr's DUI case

Well, I went to court this morning. Oddly, I was not nervous, not scared and not worried. I think I had resigned myself to my fate, whatever it would be. I went in and there was the 'ole mouthpiece (that's a lawyer to all my trailer park friends in Fountain, Colorado) and he was waiting for me. Well, after a few minutes, we went out in the hallway to talk. So, here is what the "people's republic of Mesa" wanted, 70 days in Tent city. Wow. that's a lot of time to spend in the "hanoi hilton". He wanted to see if they would reduce it to the 60 day minimum that they usually do, but the DA came back with 62 days. The attorney then told me that he could "appeal directly to the court" meaning, he could plead for me to the judge instead of taking the "deal" from the DA. The only problem with that is, you tend to draw the judges' ire as they consider it a waste of the court's time doing something like that and the judge may decide to give you the maximum for wasting their time, so... Doesn't sound like much of a deal to me though. I would understand had it been worse when I was picked up, (a wreck, resisting arrest, trying to elude, but I was very nice to the police) but hey, that's the way the State of Arizona has gotten, hell, I think the whole country is going that way. I guess it should.

We ended up getting it continued till next month, meaning I will go in and accept the plea and then start down the "whitewater";

(To my trailer park Friends in Fountain, Colorado, a sidebar, that means a side story, when I used to go whitewater rafting, which was one of my favorite "hobbies", you would go along and then hit the really turbulent water and it would just shoot you down the river and if you weren't careful, you could fall out. I being your humble blogger, never once fell out of the raft, even when I was drinking beer. I was never drunk on said trips as that is asking for trouble, but whee doggies, jethro, talk about exhilarating!).

I will just have to accept whatever happens. Now, there is some good news. If the judge has had a good day, ate a good breakfast and inclined to do so, they might decide to have me do 15 days at the "Hanoi Hilton" and then serve the other 47 days under monitored house arrest. They would attach an ankle bracelet to me and if I deviate from anything other than approved movement (work, and whatever else they approve) I would probably have to go to the Hanoi Hilton and serve out the rest of my time, more than likely in the "stripes" area. That's the cats that wear those "real sheriff joe" uniforms and the pink underwear. Now, I have no desire to wear pink underwear and no desire to wear the "real sheriff joe" uniform, so I would be very German about what I did. I think they would also require you to go in and get a blood test or breathalyzer each week to determine if you had been drinking or using drugs.

That doesn't bother me as the only drugs I take are my meds for the depression, anxiety and insomnia and I haven't drank and have no plans to, especially given the circumstance I find myself in. Hell, most of the time I drank was to try and go to sleep anyway, now that I am sleeping better, I don't need to drink. I may as well settle in and look at this as an adventure and just do it. I have no other choice anyway, other than blowing Arizona and well, that ain't gonna happen. I have never been one to evade responsibility and I don't need to have this hanging over my head. It just leads to more problems and I just would prefer to get it done and over with and move on with my life. Yeah, it's a bitch, pardon my Swahili, but hey, what other choice do I have at this point? and that leads me to an update on the WXII anchor Tolly Carr and his fatal DUI incident;

Tolly is in some deep kimchi (well, I ain't exactly swimming in favor myself). I mean, they are going to burn him so bad over this. I suppose he should be. As I posted earlier, there but for the grace of God, go I. Here is the updated story from WXII, Channel 12 Winston-Salem North Carolina, where he works (or worked I don't know if they fired him yet);

Funeral Set For Bokhoven; Magistrate Defends Carr Release

UPDATED: 3:42 pm EDT March 14, 2007

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A local magistrate's office said its guidelines were followed when WXII 12 News anchor Tolly Carr was released on DWI charges after an incident in which a pedestrian was hit and killed. Meanwhile, funeral information has been released for the victim and a woman who was with Carr has been released from the hospital.

Carr, 32, was charged with driving while impaired after Casey Ryan Bokhoven, 26, was hit and killed early Sunday, according to Winston-Salem police.

Further charges may be pending against Carr, authorities said.

Members of the Bokhoven family have told WXII 12 News that they've wondered why Carr was released on a written promise to appear in court instead of being released on bond.

John Phillips, chief magistrate in Forsyth County, said that people arrested for DWI can be released on bond, released with a written promise to appear in court or released to a family member.

Phillips said the magistrate's office believed Carr was not a risk to himself or others.

A passenger with Carr, 33-year-old Fjola Ingvadottir Wilson, received treatment at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. She was released on Wednesday.

According to police, Carr refused to take a breathalyzer test. A magistrate issued a search warrant for two vials of blood. Police said they "detected a strong odor of alcohol" on Carr at the scene.

His blood-alcohol level has not been released. He will appear in court April 2.

A public visitation will be held for Bokhoven Thursday night at Hayworth Miller Funeral Home. The memorial will be held at Forsyth Country Club on Friday.

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