Monday, March 19, 2007

Just a strange day overall

It has been a strange day. I have just felt like I haven't been hitting on all 8 cylinders today, slightly off kilter. I think the tone was set with everything going on with Buddy. It just feels like I am Sisyphus and that rock has been harder to roll uphill. For all my trailer park friends in Fountain, Colorado, look up Sisyphus on google and you will find out who he was or if you have drank too much Milwaukee's best, just click the blue text. In trailer park parlance it's the same as pushing your '73 dodge up Fontaine blvd after you have gone to visit your rich in-laws in Widefield.

So, anyway, I don't feel much like blogging tonight. I am going to eat something and just read for awhile and wait to listen to Roy Masters, I could use his company tonight and hope he is hosting advice line. There is something comforting about his voice and right now, with all that has happened with Buddy, I could use some comforting. I am going to to probably go to bed early and try and get some good amount of sleep so I can face whatever happens tomorrow with Buddy.

Some good new though. I got a server to host files for me so that I can start including audio/video on the blogsite. I was just doing some reading about FTP today and html/CSS code and found this place. I may start uploading some of my music and just park it somewhere on the blog, though I am in no hurry to do so. I really need to get to work on the pre-production for "An Act of Bob" but I have learned in all my years as a songwriter not to force the music to come, cos it usually sounds like just that, forced. If I have anything else to say, I might post a little later, but otherwise, I think I will just kick back and have some quiet time after I eat.

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