Sunday, March 4, 2007

So, are we living through the 60's again?

You would think watching the happenings in Selma, Alabama today that any moment MLK would appear and start demanding civil rights for black people. I mean, you have Hitlary, "Osama" Obama (as Teddy calls him) and Jethro (Bill Clinton) linking arms with John Lewis and walking the Selma walk across the Edmund Pettus bridge to "honor" the Selma to Montgomery marches of the '60s. What does that say to you? Well to me, it says that they seem to think that civil rights for blacks are still an issue and that wide spread segregation is still going on in America some 40+ years after the fact.

Now, I was born in Alabama. I was alive, although very young, when the civil rights riots and other things happened. I lived right outside of Anniston which is west of Birmingham and I remember watching the National Guard and regular army soldiers after they went on alert. I remember that because my father was in the Army at the time and he was talking to my mom about it. I rememer seeing a bus that had been firebombed after my father took us out to see it outside of Anniston.

I think more of what I got from watching the march in Selma today, was that the only thing the democrats were trying to do was to pander to the black vote, seeing as how blacks have voted for democrats of late. What I don't understand is how people don't remember that it was the democrats that tried to block the civil rights legislation that was passed ensuring voting rights for black Americans. It took the republicans to force the democrats and Lyndon Johnson to eventually sign it into law. I think it says it all when I remember a quote from good 'ole Mayor Marion Barry of Washington DC when told that Lincoln was a republican, "Lincoln wasn't a republican, he freed the slaves." To me it is just another symbol by the libs to appear to care more than the opposite party. These people are dangerous, I would be afraid, very afraid.


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