Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dan Rather keeps getting stranger

Dan Rather was an (and still is in some circles) icon, especially to the left (read:socialists). However, his involvement in the "rathergate" fiasco cost him his career. So I find it exasperating that now, he is blaming CBS for his own problems. His stance that the documents showing President Bush as being AWOL from his national guard service, have been proven to be false. Hey Dan, suck it up and admit it. Those documents were forgeries and it has been proven beyond a doubt that they were.

Dan Rather slammed CBS Tuesday for trying to keep his court fight with the network out of the public eye.

The newsman - who has filed a $70 million lawsuit against the Tiffany network, where he anchored the "CBS Evening News" for 24 years - said "corporate overlords" are conspiring to withhold several key documents.

The 76-year-old was back in Manhattan Supreme Court for a hearing on his suit, which accuses CBS of sidelining him to make nice with the White House following a September 2004 report that questioned President Bush's Vietnam-era military service.

Rather left the anchor's chair in March 2005 and was limited to being a bit player on "60 Minutes" before departing from CBS.

"It is a fact that corporate overlords working in secret collusion with the powers in Washington are intruding far too often in far too many newsrooms," he said.

The documents that Rather wants to see include a CBS-commissioned private investigator's report that he believes could back up his version of the disputed story about Bush's stint in the Texas Air National Guard.

CBS said it is "absolutely confident" the documents support its position. "When and if there is a trial ... all such documents introduced at trial will be made public," the network said.

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