Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And this guy is supposed to be eloquent?

I had to post this. I heard this today on the Hugh Hewitt show with Dean Barnett filling in. Dean plays a clip of Katie the mouse Couric interviewing Barry Obama and asks him what he thinks his biggest weakness is. You hear Dean and Generalissimo Duane making comments but BO never answers the question and just stumbles all over the question. I think this is some of the funniest radio I've heard in a while. It's 6:28 long, but at least he admits he's not a biochemist.

And to further add some insight to this, Rush Limbaugh has an official "Obama Criticizer" who happens to be none other than the great "Bo Snerdley". Rush has Bo criticize BO since BO is certified Black. So I had to include this. Courtesy Rush Limbaugh EIB network.

And you know, I really wonder if this guy is running for President or Porky Pig's job.