Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If you want evidence that Obama supporters have no clue... this. Taken from video interviews outside a polling place, when asked questions about the candidates. You can tell by the responses, that most of these people got their information (or lack thereof) from the non-job the MSM did. Funny how they seem to be able to know about Sarah Palin and the myths surrounding her, the clothes issue (she didn't buy them, the RNC did), the whole "I can see Russia from my house" (which isn't what she said, that was a creation of SNL) and other things.

Plainly spoken, these people are idiots. They have no clue who Reid-Pelosi or Barney Frank is, the don't know what Comrade Obama said about the coal industry and they didn't know about about the 57 states gaffe he made as well as they obviously don't understand the theory of free-market economics, instead, saying "redistribute the wealth? sure". This is probably a small sampling of the people who voted for Comrade Obama. If there was any argument to be made that voters prove they are literate, and cognizant of how the government works and who is currently in government, this is it. This is just amazing and sad at the same time that so many people are so stupid.

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