Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Someone has a sense of humor

So I am watching (rather I am switching air at work really, I have no choice but to watch) "Last Call with Carson Daly" last night and who shows up other than Eddie Steeples. Now that name might not ring a bell, but he is best known as the Staples "rubber band man" and better known as "Crabman" on the show "Earl". I have to say that Earl is one of the few shows that NBC has that is really worth anything, seeing as how they program so much junk anymore, Remember the Rosie special? Anyway, I do like Earl even though it's cast are another group of limousine liberals. But at least, they don't take too many shots at the President (and I mean President Bush, not Comrade Obama).

(As a side note, why is it that liberals produce and program most shows on the networks? I think it is really another example of say, how conservative talk radio is popular, yet liberals never have any real success at it. I think it's the same way for TV. I bet if some talented conservative writers and producers created some decent shows, the ratings would be a helluva lot better than they are. But I digress.)

Anyway, as I am watching, Steeples talks about his wiki entry and how it says he's married, but he really isn't. I don't know why, but I decided to read his wiki entry and got to the bottom and read something that wasn't supposed to be there. I immediately saved the screen shot and thought I would post it. Click on the picture and look where I highlighted the text. It was gone later, you can go check. But whoever did this obviously feels the same way about Carson Daly that I do, he just sucks. He should have stayed at MTV as he is not very good at being a host.

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