Monday, July 16, 2007

Some thoughts

As I come off a 140 hour run at work, I haven't had much time to really post anything, I just had some thoughts that I would like to post...

Bill Maher is an idiot. And not funny in my opinion.

Michael Moore is also an idiot.

If I have to switch another "Coming to America" with Victoria Beckham or another episode of "Age of Love", I am going to Frag somebody. "Singing Bee" and "America's got Talent" are bad enough, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

I saw a story where some Brits want to remove Winston Churchill from School Textbooks.

Big mistake.

Just what we need, another European country with a bunch of pussies.

Al Gore & Madonna and the rest of the "blowhard smarming" crowd are idiots too.

Along those lines, Sean Hannity had one of his 5 Freedom concerts last week that did people more good than anything "Fool Aid" ever did. The goal of the concerts is to raise money for college scholarships and other things for the children of Fallen and wounded military people. This is for real and not for some made up hype that the Blowhard smarming crowd think is a crisis. All you have to do to know that mother nature is bigger than we could ever hope to be is to walk outside and watch a lightning and thunder show with a little rain like that which happened earlier tonight here in Phoenix. And, all of the Freedom concerts have been sold out, which of course, you won't hear on the MSM.

Bill Maher is still an idiot as is Michael Moore

I love the rain, it's so nice to feel and hear rain, watch lightning and hear the thunder.

I get a day off tomorrow, so I can catch up on some things I need to catch up on.

and sleep.

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