Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If you keep getting deeper, quit digging the hole

With all the controversy surrounding Barack Obama's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, it seems that once again that race has been brought up as an issue once again. While I harbor no ill feelings personally against Mr. Obama, other than the fact he is a hard left marxist-lite, typical of the modern left nowadays, I do have a problem with the fact that once again race somehow is now at the fore of the discussion.

And that's my problem.

I have never thought of Obama as a black man first, no, to me it was about the fact that he was this relatively new congressman that seems to have started running for the presidency since he was elected to congress. To me, Obama is a congressman that happens to be black. Obama has been running for president since he got into congress. Checking his congressional record, one finds no real substantive or meaningful legislation that Obama has endorsed or been the author of. Instead you find a history of voting "present" meaning he's there, but has not voted for or against whatever pending legislation brought up for a vote.

That aside, to me, Barack Obama is yet another democrat that should he get into office, will raise taxes, increase the power of the nanny state, make a mess of our foreign policy and reduce, if not eliminate, any gains we have made in the war on terror by thinking that talking to our enemies, real or perceived, will somehow bring us "peace in our time".

I am sick of the talk of race. I am just tired of every time a black man or woman is running or elected to office, that the race issue has to come out. I am one to believe, that most Americans and people in general, are not racists. Why? simply because people are too busy living their own lives to pay attention to whether someone is black, brown, yellow, etc.

And the problem to me is, it isn't the white race that is bringing this up so much, since most liberal, left leaning whites tend to continue to carry the stigma of guilt for slavery, but rather the black extremists that want to keep the issue of race at the fore of the publics attention. Rather like a wronged wife would want to keep bringing up the indiscretions of a a cheating husband long after the offense was committed. The issue in doubt has been resolved or should have been long ago, yet to perpetuate guilt and shame, it is brought up over and over again, forever trapping the offender in their shame and impelling them to constantly try and make up for their sin.

Sure, there is still racism. It has existed since man first appeared on the earth and will continue to exist till the end of time. But I am not guilty of capturing, transporting, chaining or abusing black folk by virtue of being a "white" person. Anyone alive today is not responsible for the sin of slavery. I, and most other people, are not in league with others to try and oppress blacks, hispanics, orientals or whomever, in order to succeed. I don't have time for that. I am too busy trying to live my life the best I can. And it gets really old whenever there is a trial for a black person and the first thing that is claimed, is that somehow race is what is on trial, not their character or their crime, but the fact that they are black. Please, give me a break.

It was revealed today that Obama was asked about Don Imus' comments about the Rutgers basketball team, here's what he said to David Gregory on MSNBC;

OBAMA: I don't think MSNBC should be carrying the kinds of hateful remarks that Imus uttered the other day, and he has a track record of making those kinds of remarks. Look, I've got two daughters who are African-American, gorgeous, tall, and I hope at some point are interested enough in sports that they get athletic scholarships.

GREGORY: So he should be off the air, off MSNBC, and off CBS, off the air completely in your judgment?

OBAMA: Ultimately, you guys are going to have to make that view. He would not be working for me.
Do I myself think Obama is a racist? no. But I think he's not being honest here. Why is Imus's comments about the woman's basketball team 'hateful' yet, his own pastor's stated views are in fact more poisonous? Could it possibly be that Imus is white? Why is it easier for BO to pass off his pastors' (or former pastor) words as part of "the black experience" while condemning Imus for a slang term that many in the black community themselves use to describe women?

I think Obama has been guilty of duplicitous and opportunistic practices in trying to play both sides of the fence.

If I, as a catholic, went to mass and heard my priest preaching some of the things that Wright has said, I would get up and leave and never go back. I don't care about what happened 130 years ago, quit playing the victim. We have since moved on as far as civil rights and while we could do better, we are doing much better. Whereas the KKK used to hold much sway in our society, it has since been reduced to an almost kooky small cult of nutbags as it should be. It would also do ourselves and the nation a great service if people like Jeremiah Wright and to an extent, Obama, would quit trying to act as if we have not attoned for our sins with slavery and oppression. I have yet to hear the Japanese community express the same kind of victimization that was imposed on them in the 1940's after we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. It was a democratic president that sent them to the internment camps. And it wasn't just the japanese, it was italians, germans and others that suffered.

It's time for America to quit feeling guilty about our history. We paid for the sins of slavery at least with the deaths of over 620,000 of our own, to bring the whole issue of slavery to a head. The right people won. It dishonors the sacrifice of those who died in that terrible war to have to listen to these people that want to play the eternal victim. And for years now, we have been assaulted by the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons and the Jeremiah Wright's that can find no good in the progress we have made as a society as a whole. Instead, they want to keep playing the victim of "the man" and the "rich white people" instead of taking responsibility for themselves.

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