Friday, March 14, 2008

Pure Distilled Racism

So the light is now shining on "the Reverend Jerimiah Wright", pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ. This is Barack Hussein Obama's church, or so he says. Watch this clip and think about what he is saying. He is a racist. If you turned it around and it was a white pastor for John McCain or GW Bush, the media would be all over this with cries of "Racist! Bigot! and other such things, yet, if a "pastor" of a black church says these kind of things, we are supposed to think that he is only speaking for the black race. It's interesting how BO doesn't disavow himself of this racist rhetoric. And then you have his apologists saying, "you don't understand what he means" or "only black people knows what he's talking about.

B.S., I've known a few racists, and this man is a racist. Most "Pastors" I have heard preaching, don't bring up the color of a man's skin, just their hearts and desires.

My question is, how does someone like this call themselves a man of God? Perhaps he should apply for Grand Wizard in the black KKK.

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