Sunday, May 20, 2007

Really Mr Carter?

So after posting the pic of Paris, I went to Drudge and saw the lead story;

"Bush is the Worst"

yeah, right.

So, I took a screen grab of this. Hmmm, is that because he did something you failed to do in the 70's Mr Carter? could it be that it's because he is not taking any crap from these terrorists that you let run roughshod over the US and the world in general? and from doing nothing, during your presidency, allowed the terrorist movement to proliferate and grow to the extent it is now? including you giving some kind of legitimacy to good 'ole (and dead now, thank God) Yassar Arafat? Yeah, he really is the worst isn't he? It's easy to forget how bad your presidency was when you were in there isn't it?

Ya know what Jimmy? I didn't like you then and I like you even less now, go away and build houses or something, at least you're useful when you do and save yourself from embarrassing yourself all the time.

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