Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The "Twit of the Day" Award, DeCaprio sinks like the Titanic

Once again, we have the "Twit of the Day" award for another 'blowhard smarming' story. This falls under the heading of "I am a celebrity and we celebrities know much more than you average people, and you should do and believe what we tell you." The hypocrisy is astounding here. I found this on the "Left Coast Report" by James Hirsen. Leonardo DeCaprio defends Al Bore over his use of private jets and his mansion that uses so much energy. On top of the fact that they are being the 'chicken littles' with their smug assertions that 'blowhard smarming' is fact, they also have the attitude that it's okay for them to use more energy and do what they do because they 'know more and care more than the rest of us.

Leo DiCaprio Defends Al Gore’s Energy Excess

Leonardo DiCaprio has been busy pitching his self-narrated global warming documentary called “The 11th Hour” at the Cannes Film Festival.

While at a press conference, the actor took the opportunity to come to the defense of his Big Green idol, Al Gore.

DiCaprio shared that he tries to live his life in a “green manner.” In addition to installing solar panels on his house and driving a hybrid car, he said that he flew to the press conference on a commercial plane rather than taking a private jet.

He then went on to defend Gore’s excessive energy consumption. The former veep has a massive carbon footprint thanks to, among other things, his jet setting around the globe to deliver hot air speeches.

“Don't shoot the messenger,” DiCaprio said. “This person is trying to relay a message to the public and the way that he travels should not be splayed out like that.”

According to DiCaprio, Gore should get a hypocrisy pass. And so should he. A lawsuit claims DiCaprio excavated his neighbor's property without permission and damaged plants and hedges so that a basketball court could be installed in his L.A. pad.

The suit also alleges that the actor’s construction activities weakened a hillside and left the neighbor’s deck and pool in danger of collapse.

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