Monday, May 21, 2007

"Shammi", the carwash kitty cat

I was talking to my daughter Melissa yesterday, and the subject of "Shammi" came up. Now, for those of you that read this that don't know, when my sister Pam was visiting from Colorado a couple of weeks ago, she had gone to the car wash up the street to get her car detailed before she left for Colorado. While she was there, the attendants had stopped all activity as they had found a 3 week old kitten in the water grates of the car wash and had got it out of there. They approached my sister with the kitten and she decided to take it. She brought it back to the house and my mom instantly fell in love with it. As we like to say, it was a "God shot", a gift from God. After losing Buddy, that threw my mom, and me somewhat, into a depression, so this was almost serendipitous. For all my friends in Fountain, Colorado, sorry about the big words. But anyway, I decided that the kitty was destined to be here.

So, my other sister Pepita took the kitty back to her place where her roommate, who works in animal rescue, had a cat that had recently given birth to a litter. Shammi as she became to be called, was put into the litter and mama kitty instantly took to her. She was named Shammi since she was found in the carwash and it's a variation of the word, "Chamois", the cloth used to dry and wax a car. I had taken a couple of pictures of her though they are not the best and I will get better ones when I can. Anyway, I wanted to post the pic I do have of her, she is a little doll and she is now starting to get her 'sea legs'. The best part of it is, it takes my mom's mind off her health problems when she has to take care of her and she really brightens up when she has Shammi here. That is the main reason why I decided we needed to keep her. Shammi is grey with 4 white boots, a white chin and she has white ringing her ears. You can't tell from the pic I took with my phone, but she has great color and her meow is reminiscent of a siamese, big and boomy when she does. She has also exhibited the curious tail thing that Buddy used to do when quizzed. Her tail crooks into a "question mark" when you are talking to her. Now all I need to do is get me a male siamese to continue the tradition in our family.

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