Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just touching

This is from Duane Patterson, he is known as the "generalissimo" over at Hugh Hewitt's show and he posted this story. You can read the rest here. It was just touching to see this and to read the background on it.

Go Ahead, Democrats. I Dare You. Cut The Money For The Military.
Posted by: Duane R. Patterson at 2:48 PM

A listener sent this picture and e-mail a little bit ago.

This is John Gebhardt in Iraq. His wife Mindy reports that this little girl's entire family was executed. The insurgents intended on executing this little girl, too. In fact, they tried by shooting her in the head. But miraculously, this little girl lived, but is obviously suffering while her body tries to heal. She cries and moans incessantly, but John is able to calm her. The nurses where she's being treated say John's the only one she clings to. So John and this little Iraqi girl have slept for the last four nights in that chair so that she can continue to heal after her injury.

Not exactly Abu Ghraib-like, so it's doubtful you'll ever see this hit the nightly newscast.

While stories like this circulate around Iraq, the brutality and sheer evil of the insurgents and al Qaeda, the liberation and humanity offered by Coalition forces, and the rebirth of democratic Iraq taking place before our eyes, Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, is planning on trying once again this week to choke progress before it has a chance to thrive and prosper by passing legislation to give the military a quarter of the money needed to fund the effort in Iraq, and require that if the token dollar amount is appropriated, an orderly withdrawal begins immediately.

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