Thursday, November 29, 2007

This guy has some serious issues

While I was watching some of the GOP clips on Youtube, I ran across this video from a subscriber named Sadvipran. It was hard to watch, but this guy was lamenting all the problems of the world. I think this guy has some serious problems with himself and really should not worry about the world, the world will take care of itself. If you can watch this, I apologise for the very first part, he uses some choice words, but listen to what he is saying, he gets mad at his webcam!

here is part 1;

here is part 2; notice that he says it's part 2 and then by the end of it, he says "that's the end of part 3". Me thinks this cowboy has 1) ingested some really good acid 2) smoked some really good pot 3) both or 4) has some serious issues that he needs to resolve. I would not be surprised to see him pop up in the news later as a "future serial killer of America".

and then I have to wonder if loony guy wasnt't the inspiration for Nicholas Fehn, the political comedian on SNL played by Fred Armisen. A lot of talking without saying a word.

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