Friday, February 20, 2009

And now a word from a very special person to me...

I am going to do something I don't normally do, but this case is special. I have a very special friend who means something special to me. I won't go into the personal, but we are "comrades-in-arms", with no pun, as far as politics and we have had this relationship for going on 5 years now. Needless to say, we live at opposite ends of the country but we email our ideas and thoughts back and forth. Her name is Shari and she doesn't want her full name used, but she is one smart woman. She sent me this email about comrade Obam-uh or "Globama" (which I may end up using myself) and I asked her if I could post it. I have asked her why she doesn't get her own blog, and I am sure she is mulling it over. So I decided, with her permission, to post this and also asked her if she wants to guest post, she is welcome. She sent me this email on Thursday, Feb 19th, so that's the point of reference. She makes a lot of sense and I am more than proud to present Shari's view on "Globama and free speech and everything constitutional".


Globama's Back-Door Approach to Free Speech and everything else constitutional.

Yesterday, the Savior and Messiah Globama stated that he was not in favor of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, a law rabidly supported by his fellow democrats in Congress and the Senate (with foaming at the mouth included) to put a muzzle on conservative public commentary over the airways, internet and television. It was dubbed the "Hush Rush Bill".

However despite Globama's statement yesterday, keep in mind his statement just last June, during his campaign, which states he would prefer to go about it "in a different way"...

(from Obama's press secretary, June 2008):
"Sen. Obama does not support reimposing the Fairness Doctrine on broadcasters. He considers this debate to be a distraction from the conversation we should be having about opening up the airwaves and modern communications to as many diverse viewpoints as possible. That is why Sen. Obama supports media-ownership caps, network neutrality, public broadcasting, as well as increasing minority ownership of broadcasting and print outlets."

I was waiting for Obama's rejection of the Fairness Doctrine to happen publicly, and yep sure enough it did - within only a month of his inauguration. Instead, his intention clearly is to not use the words "Fairness Doctrine" in hushing Rush. His endeavors will be in the regulation of free speech through the FCC, setting up watch committees, and not renewing FCC licenses to anyone disagreeing with or outright opposing his or the democrat party's policies and positions. (After all, if he used the term "fairness doctrine" he would have to include ABC, NBC, PBS and a entire slew of thrill-running-up-the-leg starry eyed journalists)

The Dow plummeted again today. What else can one expect when billions of dollars are going to Porkulus instead of Stimulus? -- When hundreds of thousands of irresponsible people are going to get their mortgages paid for them -- When a "party train" is going to be built from (the bankrupt state) California directly to the slot machines of Las Vegas (forget putting people to work drilling for oil off the pacific coast or fixing the roads and highways of California or helping the farmers and small business owners in that tax burdened democrat controlled state!).

Tonight on Bill O'Reilly (yes, REAL people listen to Bill O'Reilly), he had liberal Alan Colmes and another liberal on his show to debate the newest Globama policies of capitalism vs.socialism. One liberal kept repeating the Globama mantra "Only Government Can...." (I guess "Yes We Can" got left at the doorstep of the White House) ... and they were both saying "You don't understand (what Globama's trying to do!!)"

Then suddenly Alan Colmes comes out with the comment "The government only wants to COMPETE with the private sector."

WTF??!! How does government "compete" with its competitors when the government is collecting TAXES from the very people its competitors are trying to sell goods and services to?? I had hoped Alan had an answer to that but he kind of shut up very fast! Maybe he was scratching his head too?

Globama, the messiah and savior, has made moves in a back-door way, to go after and diminish.IMMEDIATELY the things that most Americans hold dear...

The constitutionally protected Census
The constitutionally protected right to Free Speech
The constitutionally protected right to Bear Arms (Illinois is now trying to require insurance to own fire arms)
The constitutional right of the People to be protected from Terrorism

and it has been only ONE month.