Sunday, February 15, 2009

A father could not be more proud...

I just got a call from my daughter Melissa who told me that my youngest daughter, Kayleigh, or the Spitfire as I call her, and her band, Sin!clair, WON the "Battle of the Bands" at the Gothic theater tonight in Denver, Colorado. They competed against 50 bands and won first place!

From what Missy tells me, they were awesome! I am hoping to get video and a good audio mix if I can, so that I can edit a video or 2 for them. I have to say a heartfelt congratulations to Kayleigh, Josh, Tony and Bryce and nice job! I am so proud of them. They are all great people!

This calls for another replay of their video I cut (I am not done with it yet) of "Aye Captain, let's go". Really Sin!clair, "Let's go!"

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