Sunday, February 15, 2009

Think there is any liberal bias at SNL?

Saturday Night Live with a liberal bias? No! it can't be! I can't believe that SNL would do nothing but poke fun at anything republican! I mean, c'mon, I can understand poking fun at the president, but I haven't seen them do that yet! they did it all the time with President Bush. But Comrade Obam-uh? Oh, and Dan Akyroyd doing a special appearance? oh yeah, that says a lot!

Next up, did anyone see tonight's NBC Nightly News? it was a typical Comrade Obam-uh lovefest. I am going to post some highlights in my next posting so you can see how NBC is "fair and balanced" about their coverage of First Party Secretary of the Politburo, Comrade Obam-uh.

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