Friday, August 24, 2007

This says a lot about TV News

So I woke up today and as I am wont to do, I got my coffee, a cigarette, and sat down to see what came in from who. I get a newsletter from TV shoptalk every weekday and it has stories concerning TV & other news media. I found the following story and although it is disturbing if it is true, I found it funny how the suspect handled the situation when the reporter from WPVI in Philadelphia showed up to interview him.

"This is what I think of TV News"
From David Gambacorta & Dana DiFilippo at the Daily News:

IF THIS was his audition tape for "Middle-aged Men Gone Wild," Lawrence Richette came up a little short.

The disheveled-looking son of Family Court Judge Lisa Richette whipped open his bathrobe yesterday and exposed himself to a TV reporter - a day after he was charged with seriously assaulting his 78-year-old mother.

Richette's nude stunt was one of many bizarre twists in the sad tale of alleged abuse of the longtime judge by her 48-year-old son.

Paramedics responded to a report of a domestic assault at the judge's Center City home about 5 p.m. Tuesday and found her with a cut above her eye.

Doctors at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital stitched the judge's wound, and she was released within hours. Capt. Benjamin Naish, a police spokesman, said she apparently was hurt at her home on Lombard Street near 19th about midday Tuesday.

Her son, who lives on Pemberton Street near 22nd, Center City, was charged with aggravated assault and related offenses, Naish said.

Richette was released from jail after posting $5,000 bail and agreeing to a stay-away order, according to court records.

Judge Richette, who couldn't be reached yesterday, was not cooperating with investigators, police sources said.

When an NBC 10 reporter went to Lawrence Richette's house yesterday afternoon, he came to the door in a white bathrobe and opened it within seconds, uttering, "This is what I think of TV news."

Naish said Richette could face indecent exposure charges, but it would be up to the station to file a complaint. NBC 10 officials declined to comment.

Later in the day, Richette spoke with a reporter from WPVI-TV (Channel 6) and professed his innocence.

"She fell out of her bed Monday night," he said on camera. "I didn't find her until Tuesday afternoon. I can play messages from my mom right now at Jefferson. She's calling me constantly from Jefferson telling me how much she loves me.

"There's no question I've been taking good care of her. No question in anybody's mind except the stupid police."

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