Monday, August 13, 2007

A word about our Healthcare system

So that punk, Markos Moulitas, the man behind the "dailykos" a left wing blog funded by none other than George Soros, was on "Meet the Depressed" with Sen. Harold Ford Jr, and I couldn't bear to listen to the tripe from both and even from Tim Russert. So I went to Hugh Hewitt's site to see if anyone had critiqued his appearance. Well, no. But I found an interesting read concerning health care. Of course now, I hear Karl Rove is going to quit at the end of the month, but more about that later. Read the paragraph below and then follow the link to the site. Pretty interesting.

"Some patients just aren’t willing to sit back and take it anymore. The nation’s health system is long on promises and short on delivery. The litany of delays in care due to limited access grows by the day. In one instance, a patient sued her insurer because she was forced to wait four months for an MRI for her brain tumor and then months more to see a neurologist. In one metropolitan area, waiting times in the ER average four hours, while one in ten waits more than 12 hours.

One in three households surveyed tried and failed to gain timely access to at least one health service within the previous three months. And in one study, the total waiting time between referral from a general practitioner and specialty care averaged nearly 18 weeks. Even the Supreme Court has weighed in on the unacceptable delays in care. But the lawsuit is not against a dreaded American HMO and the events did not happen in the U.S. All were byproducts of the Canadian health care system."

As far as Markos, if I met him on the street, I would beat him into next week. And, as for the American & Canadian health care system, people on the left want to tout the Canadian & British system for their Nationalize (read socialised medicine). Yet, it's funny cos I doubt if anyone of them has relatives that live in either country. Or if they do, they are "privileged" as half of my family live in Canada and my relatives have told me time and again about how bad their health care system is. They prefer to come to the US for any major medical care when they can, as they would almost certainly die before our friends to the north and across the pond could see them. Trust me, if you want to spend most of your money supporting the government, which we do already, then go for it. And, can someone show me a government run program that is run efficiently? I can't think of one and no, the USPS is not run by the US government anymore. It's a co-0p between 2 different entities.

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