Wednesday, October 24, 2007

4 million (bumped)

Of course, as I searched the NBC and PMSNBC (MSLSD to all my fellow Mark Levin friends), it was only obvious that they wouldn't post one of the biggest stories of the last couple of weeks.

Rush Limbaugh's Auction got 2.2 million for a letter (now referred to as "the Declaration of Incompetence" by a majority of listeners to Rush's show) from the defeatist democrats that was sent to Mark Mays, President of Clear Channel communications, hoping to have Mr Mays reprimand Rush if not outright muzzle him. Talk about turning Lemons into lemonade.

Now, that means, as Rush has stated, he will match the final winning bid, so another 2 million, to the total, bringing the total to a whopping 4 million dollars to go to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement foundation, a program started after the OKC bombing to help the children of fallen military and law enforcement people with scholarships as well as helping veterans of the military with other needs. Truly, a very worthwhile organization. Rush sits on the board of directors.

(NOTE): A reader commented that they had read that Reid had tried to attach himself to the auction, trying to include himself "in" on the auction. True. Also, as of this amended entry at 01:47 Wednesday morning, NOT ONE OF THE DEMOCRATS WHO SIGNED THAT LETTER HAS CONTRIBUTED toward this cause or to the foundation. Yeah, they really support the military, right?

Whether or not you agree and listen to Rush (I do, having started listening to him in 1988 as I was driving my daughter to school in the first week of his broadcast) you have to admit, that 4 million dollars, (2 million from the auction on Ebay and another 2 million from Rush) is nothing to sneeze at as that is some big money. This after Harry the body Reid hammered Rush on the Senate floor for remarks that "the Body" more than likely heard from his masters over at Think Progress or Media Matters. I was listening the very day that the whole thing started after Rush and a caller were talking about the bogus soldiers, in particular one Jesse McBeth whom never even made it out of basic training and the now famous or infamous "Phony Soldier" comments came out of. I heard what Limbaugh said and I knew right away that he was talking about these weasels that the left try to trot out as honorable soliders to somehow impunge the honor of the real military personnel who are serving in all theatres in the GWOT.

In all the years that I have listened to Rush, I have heard only sincere admiration and respect for the fighting men and women in our armed forces. But yet, as Rush has pointed out, not once did the left (or the MSM whom are basically mouthpieces for the left anyway) go over to his site or ask him what he really did say.

So, I thought (how silly of me) that maybe, just maybe the "journalists" (snicker) over at the peacock network would have done a story on the results of this auction. Nope. Not a word was found, not a word was mentioned on NBC Nightly News (I was switching air Friday night after the auction) by Brian ("have a good week-END" what a pretentious little F***) Williams. To think that they did indeed run the story about the whole bru ha ha to begin with, they did what they do best, as soon as it looks like the left is going to get hammered, slimed or the door shut on their face, they don't do anything.

What people don't realize about the TV MSM is that they take their stories from the New York Times or the Washington Post, both once great newspapers, but anymore, just partisan leftwing mouthpieces for the left. To a newscast, you can watch all 3 networks, CNN and PMSNBC and it's obvious that their news directors have taken the stories off the front page of each. How do I know this? Simply because I have worked in TV for all the years I have. I know how they operate and it doesn't really change whether at the network level or the local level.

What Rush did was significant for several reasons. It showed that the left does indeed not care, in fact abhors, the military, it showed that average Americans do in fact respect and admire the military in the support shown to Rush by the auction and it showed that Americans are not heartless and to help out the children of fallen military and Law enforcement officials, is something that many Americans have no trouble doing, in other words, they do support the troops and the mission of those troops. My whole problem with the left and their "we support the troops but not the war" mantra is, that's like saying, "we support the police, but we don't support them using force or arresting people". As the old saying goes, "next time you are in trouble, call a hippie". And sadly, it shows how the so-called compassionate liberals, who are forever saying that the current administration tries to stifle free speech, do not in fact believe in free speech at all (unless of course, it concurs with their agenda), as the leadership in the most august body in the US government, tries to muzzle and intimidate a private citizen. Now who in the government is trying to shut whom up? Well, it ain't Dubya, that's for sure.

But woe was me, there again as far as I know, was any mention of the biggest auction in Ebay history (Jay Leno got 800k for a motorcycle), instead the MSM was totally silent about the results. The money is going for a very worthy cause and I think it further shows just how out of touch the liberals are about what America feels toward our military. Too bad.