Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pete Starks ridiculous comments

Rep. Pete Stark (D-California) was on the house floor the other and made some ridiculous comments regarding the S-chip Debate funding and the funding for the war in Iraq. Now, this story is a couple of days old, but still worthy of repeating. He was trying to drum up support to have the veto overridden, but Thank God, it went down in flames.

The democrats are upset over the President vetoing the S-chip bill. What they haven't told anybody is, they wanted to expand the program to cover children of middle-class parents when the program was originally designed to help poor children (at the poverty level) with no health care. However, the democrats wanted to expand it to cover children of parents who are making up to $62, 000 a year. This would have 1) caused a tax increase for everyone else out there that on their own, provides health care for their children, so in essence, Mr and Mrs America who already pay for their children's health care through hard work, would now be paying, through higher taxes, for someone else's kid, even though the family receiving the benefit could make up to 62k a year. 2) would have been a back-door-stealth way for them to incrementally start down the road to nationalized health care. The president had already put in his budget, to increase by 20%, funding for the program, but the democrats saw a way to try and start down that slippery slope to socialized health care.

So, good old Pete Stark from California was on the floor lamenting the President's request for additional funding for the Iraq and Afghanistan combat theaters, and here's what he said. Someone tell me that the democrats really are behind the troops. Since his comments were made, he has "apologized" for his remarks.